Michigan Leadership Academy

What is the Michigan Leadership Academy?
The Michigan Leadership Academy is a new program for Michigan Athletics designed to provide comprehensive leadership development programming for student-athletes. The purpose of the academy is to develop student-athletes into effective and vocal team leaders.

How does it work?
Leadership development programming for student-athletes targets two specific groups based on their classification, as well as their readiness to assume leadership roles. Those groups are:

  • Rising Leaders: This program is designed for a select group of high potential sophomore and junior student-athletes. From time-to-time freshman student athletes may be a part of this group as well. Through ongoing workshops and interactive exercises, the Rising Leaders program provides a strong foundation for student- athletes to develop into effective leaders.

  • Veteran Leaders: This program is designed for team captains and veteran student-athletes appointed by their head coaches. The program assists student-athletes in developing the skills and knowledge critical to be an effective and vocal leader as they navigate the day-to-day responsibilities and challenges of team leadership. The program also provides a connection with a strong peer network to lean on and learn from.

To create and sustain a world-class leadership development program that has a significant impact on our student-athletes as a student, athlete, person, and leader; and ultimately a strong, positive impact.

The Michigan Leadership Academy develops, challenges, and supports student-athletes and coaches in their continual quest to be world-class leaders in academics, athletics, and life.