SAAC, Leadership Opportunities, NCAA Awards and Scholarships

Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC): SAAC is the governing body of all student-athletes, comprised of two representatives from each varsity team. SAAC reps have the responsibility and privilege to act as liaisons between the athletic department and their team; voice and address student welfare issues; provide support for SADP; and participate in leadership and personal growth activities. Website

Other Student-Athlete Representatives:
• ABIA: Advisory Board of Intercollegiate Athletics
• MSA: Michigan Student Assembly
• Big Ten Conference SAAC

NCAA Leadership Conferences: Each year, one U-M student-athlete is selected from four nominees to participate in the NCAA Sports Forum.

Michigan LeaderShape: A university wide leadership conference with leaders from all student groups on campus. Website

NCAA Awards and Scholarships:
NCAA Post Graduate Scholarship
NCAA Women and Ethnic Minority Scholarship
Walter Byers Scholarship
Jim McKay Scholarship Program
Honors Celebration
Elite 88 Award
Sportsmanship Award
The Freedom Forum NCAA Sports Journalism Scholarship
Woman of the Year

Degree Completion Program
• James Hall Degree Completion Fellowship
NCAA Degree Completion Program