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Student-Athlete Career Communities

Business and Entrepreneurship M-BIZ (Business and Entrepreneurship) aims to provide information, motivation, and networking opportunities to student-athletes interested in business. The goal is to educate student-athletes with specific keys to success from CEOs, presidents, and founders of thriving businesses in different industries.
Athletes in Medicine AIM (Athletes in Medicine) looks to inform student-athletes about health professions and provide them with leadership opportunities, all while connecting them with the resources to be a more competitive applicant for respective graduate programs.
Wolverines in Law WIL (Wolverines in Law) provides resources and services to student-athletes interested in pursuing a future in law. The group will bring in guest speakers and discuss strategies to best prepare them for their endeavors after graduation.
Michigan Student-Athletes for Sustainability M-SAS (Michigan Student-Athletes for Sustainability) was formed for student-athletes who are interested in sustainability and the environment. The group works to seek out ways to promote more environmentally friendly solutions for student-athletes.
Empowering Female Athletes M-Fem (Empowering Female Athletes) is a group that discusses topics that affect the lives of female student-athletes, while they are at Michigan and in the future. The overarching purpose of this group is to improve relationships and bonds between teams, to build confidence, and to empower the female student-athletes at Michigan.

Student-Athlete Engagement

Community Engagement At the University of Michigan, our goal of being the "Leaders and Best" not only applies to academics and athletics but also carries through to our passion for community service. Our student-athletes engage in approximately 4,000 hours of community service per calendar year.
Student-Athlete Advisory Committee The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (S.A.A.C.) is a student-athlete run campus organization that seeks to represent University of Michigan student-athletes on campus and within the Athletic Department.

*All of M-PACT's programs and services are exclusive only to University of Michigan student-athletes.