Inside Michigan: Beilein Weekly

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Last Wednesday, we won an overtime game versus a well coached Northwestern team. We made plays on both ends of the floor when we had to and that is encouraging to our staff. Northwestern puts a ton of pressure on a defense because they run their actions with great pace and precision. As evident by their win over Michigan State on Saturday, they are a challenge to game plan for and teams have to be locked in defensively.

We met another tough team in Iowa on the road on Saturday. Unfortunately, we did not play one of our better games. We must credit Iowa for protecting their home court and for executing the details of the game better than us. Playing from behind is never a good thing, especially on the road. These are lessons that are learned over the course of a season and we expect our team to learn from the Iowa loss.

The reality of conference play is rarely do you have much time to dwell on losses. You certainly learn from them but you must move on to the next opportunity. There is no time to dwell on the loss to Iowa because we have another tough opponent coming into Crisler tomorrow.

There's never a need to get our guys pumped up for the MSU game. The challenge will be to play with high levels of intensity and execution because that's what it takes to win rivalry games like this one.

Go Blue!
- John

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