Women's Lacrosse Coaches Blog: Spring Has Sprung

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Spring is here and that means ... happy recruiting trails for me. My first stop before a long recruiting trip was a day trip to Grand Rapids, Mich. I was ready to get started. When I arrived at the facility just two hours northwest of Ann Arbor, I was excited to be in the state of Michigan recruiting for the University of Michigan. There was a sense of pride I felt while watching these two high school teams compete against each other. They were enjoying the true essence of the sport I hold so dear to my heart. I am happy to say that the spirit of lacrosse is in Michigan and only growing stronger. At halftime, I looked over to an adjacent field and got a thrill out of watching a team of local youth boys attempting to comprehend what their coaches (most likely parents) were saying as they tried to implement an offensive motion. These boys were tiny and couldn't have been older than 7. I love to see kids of all ages experiencing the joy that lacrosse offers. Hail to Michigan.

Next stop was the great state of Illinois in the suburbs of Chicago. As I drove past the city on my way to the high school, I was taken by the majestic beauty of the Chicago skyline. My day was filled with great lacrosse on what turned out to be a beautiful but chilly, windy day. The chill in the air was okay for me, because I got to sport all of my great Michigan adidas gear! Thank you Dave and Alec for taking care of me! BUT, I was texting with Jen who just happened to be in sunny warm Florida recruiting wearing shorts and a T-shirt. Hmmm, something is wrong with this picture. In the end, I experienced some competitive lacrosse and excellent athletes. Great job, Illinois. I was very impressed. These girls got game!

I woke up the next morning in the Iron City of Pittsburgh, Pa. I forgot what it felt like to drive on small, crowded roads. Over the hills and through the woods ... how do they get around when it snows?? I watched two teams battle it out on the field on a gorgeous evening. Is it me or are young girls getting quicker and faster? The competitive spirit is alive and well in western PA. That night, I enjoyed the city of Pittsburgh and an elaborate Italian meal ... so delicious. I was shocked by the cleanliness of the city, but where was everyone? It seemed like a ghost town. They must have gotten word that JENNYU was in town! The skyline was incredible with the river flowing freely below it. Kudos Pittsburgh!

New York, N.Y., here I come.

Oh, how I had missed the traffic, accent and classic NY road rage. Why do they keep honking at me?? I enjoyed two days in the madness watching some great lacrosse. Without a doubt NY develops some incredibly talented lacrosse players. I can't wait to go back and see more.

After a quick but wonderful night stay in Wilton, Conn., with my brother Tony and his family, I traveled up north to Albany. Three hours in the car and I found myself sitting at a high school field waiting to watch another two high school teams battle it out. This day I wish I had more Michigan gear; it was cold ... brrrrr! These two teams were quick, athletic and competitive. Girls lacrosse is alive and well in upstate NY. It was a very memorable way to end my trip.

On my flight back to Detroit, I reflected a bit. I love representing Michigan Lacrosse and can't wait to coach the young women who have made a commitment to join this fabulous journey of building our lacrosse program. There are many talented lacrosse players all over the country. I am so happy to have the opportunity to spend this spring traveling the states looking for those student-athletes that stand out among the rest as not only great players but also leaders in every way. It's an honor and privilege to wear the Blue and Maize.

Until next time, GO BLUE!

Coach U

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