Inside Michigan: Beilein Weekly

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Camp season is officially underway for Michigan Basketball!

We began last weekend with a successful Father/Son Camp in the William Davidson Player Development Center. During the camp-opening lecture, it occurred to me that the 2012 Father/Son Camp marked the first camp in program history to take place in the Davidson Center. We are very excited to utilize this wonderful facility in our summer camp program.

This weekend, we will host 100 teenagers at the College Practice Camp. We enjoy this camp because it simulates what we put our student-athletes through during the course of a practice session.

"Fathers Only" Session with Coach Beilein.Campers taking it easy between drills.

The online registration capability for camps is a step in the right direction for us. So far, the feedback we've received has been positive. Please continue to be patient with us as we work to make the camp experience a pleasurable one from start to finish.

As a staff, we are thoroughly looking forward to this summer with our student-athletes because of the new NCAA rules that allow us to work them out on the floor. The little time that we have is so valuable and we are so appreciative for it because it gives us an opportunity to lay out a foundation and establish expectations with our players.

Skill work and development.Engaging and interactive lectures.

Most of my time recently has been spent preparing for the return or arrival of all our student-athletes. I have done a fair amount of traveling over the past few weeks, so this week I am also catching up on some office work. With the construction taking place at Crisler Center, it makes us realize daily how blessed we are to coach basketball at the University of Michigan.

Go Blue!

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