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Inside Michigan: Beilein Weekly

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We are thrilled that the 2012-2013 academic year is about to begin. Over the next few days, our players will return to campus to start this year's journey.

Our staff is very pleased overall with how the student-athletes utilized their summer to get better in the classroom and on the court. Our guys were able to get some much deserved rest and time away from campus as well. The new NCAA rules regarding summer hours for our players worked out well. We had 16 total hours of workouts with them and I loved the togetherness and energy they showed in all of these workouts.

Our staff is energized and looking forward to the upcoming year with this group of young men. Every year poses new challenges but every year poses new opportunities. We all have a tremendous opportunity because we a part of and represent the University of Michigan.

Every person in our program is ready to attack the journey ahead one day at a time. Maximizing each day we are together will be very important with this team!

We can't wait to tune into the game tomorrow evening as our football team takes on Alabama down in Dallas.

We wish all our fall sports the best of luck in their seasons. We wish all our student-athletes a successful academic year.

Go Blue! Go Blue! Go Blue!