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This past Saturday, we had our first annual Staff vs. Student-Athlete softball game. The game took part within the friendly confines of the Oosterbaan Fieldhouse due to inclement weather.

Let me give you some of the highlights of the two inning showdown.

First Inning Recap

The student-athletes got off to a quick start thanks to a two run homer by Detroit's very own, Jordan Morgan. After this two run shot, the offense stalled thanks to some stellar defense by the staff. Spear headed by Jeff Meyer's diving effort to attempt a double play, the staff used this tone-setting play to hold the student-athletes scoreless for the remainder of the inning.

Staff Student Softball Game Staff Student Softball Game

Other highlights included a triple play by the staff, much to the amazement of the student-athletes.

The bottom of the first inning included an offensive explosion by the staff. C.J. Lee led off with a single, warming up the bats of the staff. The bats did not cool off until a total of seven runs were scored, much to the dismay of the student-athletes. Ben Belanger and Damon Grosz both hit two run homers to lead the staff's effort. Other highlights included me tweaking my hamstring on the way to first after a beautiful single through the middle infield. The staff also utilized some strategy, secretly planning for Bacari Alexander to strike out, causing mass laughter by the student-athletes. The plan worked to perfection, resulting in the student-athletes putting their guard down and Damon Grosz supplying the two-run blast to end the inning in a 7-2 score.

Staff Student Softball Game Staff Student Softball Game

Second Inning Recap

Taking advantage of some throwing errors by the staff, the student-athletes thought they would have enough to close the scoring gap. With their backs against the wall, they managed to produce three runs at the top of the second inning but ultimately fell short of their goal of tying the game or taking the lead.

With the victory in hand and nothing to play for, the celebration was on. The purely ceremonial bottom of the second inning resulted in the complete cooling of the bats for the staff. A pitching change executed by the student-athletes replaced Peoria's Max Bielfeldt, who was torched for seven runs in the first inning, with Lake Forest's Matt Vogrich, who threw a one-hitter in relief.

Final Score: Staff 7, Student-Athletes 5

Staff Student Softball Game Staff Student Softball Game


In response to the buildup, intensity, and outcome of the game, a few members of our program issued the following remarks.

Catcher, Bacari Alexander, Assistant Coach.  "U CONSCIOUS!"

Left Fielder, Travis Conlan, Director of Basketball Operations. "There were reports of an unidentified flying object in left field, making all kinds of winning plays. The players thought Megatron only played football."

Right/Center Fielder, Peter Kahler, Video Analyst. "Fellas, stick to hoops!"

Shortstop, Tim Hardaway Jr., Student-Athlete. "Yeah, we lost. I can accept that. But anyone who strikes out twice can't say anything to anybody. U CONSCIOUS!"

First Basemen, Jordan Morgan, Student-Athlete. "No comment."

Staff Student Softball Game Staff Student Softball Game

All in all, the event was tremendous. We had a great time and we will laugh for a long time about some of the moments that took place. We are all about making memories for our student-athletes here at Michigan!

Go Blue!

- John

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