Inside Michigan: Beilein Weekly

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This has been a productive week for the program. Fall break afforded us the opportunity to get some good work done on the court on Monday and Tuesday. It also gave us an opportunity to visit the St. Louis Center in Chelsea, Mich.

Visiting the St. Louis Center with our team was a great experience. Serving in the community is something we value as Michigan Wolverines. As a basketball program, we recognize how fortunate we are to compete for a school like Michigan, and we recognize that our reach must extend further than the basketball court and out into the community. Putting a smile on the St. Louis Center residents' faces was tremendous for me and our players.

I wanted to take this opportunity to let Wolverine Nation know that I am partnering with the American Cancer Society with their Cancer Prevention Study-3 in Ann Arbor. I am joining the study as a community champion and my plan is to enroll in the Cancer Prevention Study-3 at Washtenaw Community College on Oct. 27, 2012.

I am committing to this study because I, like many people, have had family and friends who have been touched by cancer. It is important to me to do everything that I can to help find ways to prevent cancer and ultimately put an end to cancer. This study is part of that effort, and I couldn't be more excited about helping out.

As I stated in my last Beilein Weekly, I am going to begin tweeting some of things that I believe as a basketball coach. Here is an idea of some of the content that I intend to tweet.

I Believe ...
  1. Lots of shooting in practice (at least 20 minutes)
  2. Video tape individual shooters every few months to let them understand their technique
  3. I believe in videotaping every practice and I usually watch at least half of it a second time

We are looking forward to this weekend's matchup vs. MSU in the Big House. We wish the Wolverines the best of luck. We all will be rooting hard for them in the stands on Saturday.

Go Blue!


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