Women's Lacrosse Coaches Blog: A Night to Remember

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Last week was pumpkin carving night. One problem, we had no pumpkins. One hour and three stops later we ventured into a Kroger grocery store, I mean pumpkin patch, and chose our blank, round, orange canvases. Not exactly the "pick out your pumpkin" experience we were looking for, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Perhaps next year we won't wait until October 30 to get into the Halloween spirit.

It was a crisp, windy, eerie night to create jack-o'-lanterns. Were they going to be a trick or a treat? The ritualistic evening went something like this...


The hocus pocus began with each one of us terrorizing the Internet for the perfect ghostly image that would reflect our fury in one way or another. Travis chose Sparky, who is apparently a dog from the Halloween movie Frankenweenie, and Pam decided it was only proper to honor Gracie, a mysterious black stray cat who surreptitiously dwells in our backyard. I was thrilled to use this opportunity to celebrate Michigan PRIDE, so like any crazed Wolverine would do, I carved the block M for all the GO BLUE goons and goblins wondering in the spirited land of the Maize and Blue.

After preparing the dining room table we began operating on the big orange gourds. Hack, hack, saw, saw, hack, saw, hack and saw. It seemed as if all three of us embodied the accuracy of a lumberjack combined with the precision of a brain surgeon. I felt like a crazed artist, working madly for hours to complete my version of the "M"ona Lisa.

The final product was something special, at least to us. After we had the lighting ceremony, I couldn't help but want to scream, "It's alive, it's alive!"

The night before Halloween, otherwise known as mischief night (or Devil's night if you live in Michigan), was a memorable family event. A big thanks to Sparky, Gracie and "M" for making our evening so much fun -- it was spook-tacular!

Thankfully, I coach much better than I carve a pumpkin!

I hope you all experienced a hair-raising Halloween. I am sure it was a BOO-tastic evening.

Coach Ulehla

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