Inside Michigan: Beilein Weekly

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Coming off a tough stretch in our season, our young men have showed both mental and physical toughness. Both the 20-1 start and the current No. 1 ranking are very exciting, but it is important to reiterate that neither is our main focus. Fans should relish the victories, but what really matters is who the No. 1 team is when the NCAA Tournament comes to a close. We need to continue putting in the hours now in effort to be champions when it counts.

Wednesday night was a great win for us as we remain undefeated here at Crisler.

After beating Northwestern earlier in January, our student-athletes carried themselves with the appropriate level of confidence necessary to protect our home court. As a team they executed well, improved on the mistakes they made during our first meeting, and were able to grind out yet another win.

I'm proud of the team. The defensive execution was incredible vs. an extremely well-coached Northwestern team.

Our next priority is our game in Bloomington this Saturday night. Playing in a game like this one is the reason our student-athletes come to Michigan. We are excited about the opportunity to face such a tremendous team in Indiana, but we recognize that it is going to come down to 40 minutes of execution.

The effort will be there Saturday night in Bloomington. We are going to work over the next few days to make sure the execution is in order for the Hoosiers. College GameDay is broadcasting from Assembly Hall, and the 9 p.m. start should make it an exciting Big Ten battle for the nation to see.

Go Blue!


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