Michigan Athletics Camps and Clinics

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Michigan Camps & Clinics 2013 Calendar

June 2013
Date Sport Camp Gender
June 1 Boys Basketball College Practice Camp Boys
June 7-8 Boys Basketball Father/Son Camp Boys
June 9-13 Swimming Week I Coed
June 14-15 Football Kicking Camp Boys
June 14-15 Girls Basketball Elite Camp Girls
June 15-16 Boys Golf Father/Son Camp Boys
June 16 Girls Basketball Team Camp Girls
June 16-20 Football High School Camp Boys
June 16-20 Tennis Resident Week I Coed
June 16-20 Swimming Week II Coed
June 17-20 Volleyball Commuter Camp Coed
June 17-19 Baseball Youth Camp Boys
June 17-21 Boys Soccer Commuter Day Camp Boys
June 17-21 Girls Soccer Commuter Day Camp I Girls
June 18-19 Softball Elite/Youth Camp Girls
June 19-21 Girls Golf Junior Golf Camp Girls
June 19-22 Girls Gymnastics Week I Girls
June 20-22 Tennis Adult Clinic Coed
June 20-23 Tennis Commuter Camp Coed
June 21-23 Football Youth Camp Boys
June 23-26 Softball Softball Camp Coed
June 23-25 Boys Basketball Shooting Academy Boys
June 23-27 Tennis Resident Week II Coed
June 23-27 Swimming Week III Coed
June 24-27 Girls Gymnastics Week II Girls
June 24-28 Girls Soccer Commuter Day Camp II Girls
June 26-29 Field Hockey Overnight Camp I Girls
June 26-28 Boys Golf Boys Day Camp Boys
June 28-30 Boys Basketball Team Camp Boys
June 30 Girls Soccer Elite Recruit Camp Girls

July-August 2013
Date Sport Camp Gender
July 1-2 Softball Hitting/Pitching Camp Girls
July 7-10 Field Hockey Overnight Camp II Girls
July 7-10 Volleyball Resident Camp I Girls
July 7-10 Girls Soccer Recruiting Camp I Girls
July 7-11 Boys Soccer Overnight Camp Boys
July 7-11 Wrestling Competition Camp Boys
July 7-11 Ice Hockey Week 1 Boys
July 7-12 Water Polo Week 1 Coed
July 10-12 Dance Dance Camp Girls
July 11-13 Field Hockey Commuter Camp Girls
July 11-13 Volleyball Team Camp Grils
July 12-14 Cheer Cheer Camp Coed
July 12-14 Boys Soccer Team Camp Boys
July 14-17 Volleyball Resident Camp 2 Girls
July 14-17 Girls Soccer Recruiting Camp #2 Girls
July 14-18 Ice Hockey Week 2 Boys
July 14-18 Track and Field Distance Overnight Camp Coed
July 14-18 Water Polo Week 2 Coed
July 14-18 Wrestling Overnight Camp Boys
July 15-18 Boys Basketball Jr. Wolverine Day Camp Boys
July 16-18 Girls Lacrosse Camp 1 Girls
July 17-19 Boys Soccer Recruiting Camp Boys
July 19-21 Boys Lacrosse Wolverine War Boys
July 21-24 Water Polo Week 3 Coed
July 21-25 Ice Hockey Week 3 Boys
July 22-24 Girls Basketball Day Camp Girls
July 22-24 Wrestling Day Camp Boys
July 22-25 Boys Gymnastics Overnight Camp Boys
July 21-25 Track and Field Camp for Champions Coed
July 23-25 Girls Lacrosse Camp 2 Girls
July 25-28 Boys Basketball Player Development Camp Boys
July 28-Aug. 1 Baseball Overnight Camp Boys
July 28-Aug. 1 Ice Hockey Week 4 Boys
July 29-Aug. 1 Boys Lacrosse Position Camps Session 1 Boys
Aug. 1-4 Girls Basketball Overnight Camp Coed
Aug. 1-4 Boys Lacrosse Position Camps Session 2 Boys
Aug. 4-8 Swimming Week 5 Coed
Aug. 4-8 Ice Hockey Week 5 Boys

In accordance with NCAA rules, Michigan sports camps may limit attendance based on several factors, such as age, number and grade level. However, camp attendance at Michigan (including attendance at elite or advanced camps) is never restricted by a camper's skill level or competitive experience.