Lion Kim at the 2011 Masters

Men's golf senior Lion Kim will play in the 2011 Masters, with tournament week running Monday through Sunday, April 4-10, at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Ga.

Send your congratulations and encouragement to Lion as he embarks upon the challenge of playing against the world's best players in professional golf's first major of the season!

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Matt (Ann Arbor): Good luck Lion, do Michigan proud!

John Sharp, Jacksonville: Good Luck in the Masters, and Go Blue!

Be in A2: Good luck Lion! Have a great time! Can't wait to see the maize and blue shoes!

Jimmy Wisinski, Grand Rapids: Go Blue and enjoy the week! Butler Cabin on Sunday would be great. You can do it.

Ken Tuschhoff Jacksonville: Lion, best of luck at the Masters!

Amy (Whitefish Bay): Good luck Lion! We'll watch for you in your maize and blue -- hopefully it will turn to green by the end of the week!

Matthew McLaughlin: Tear it up buddy! Go Blue!

Jack Schultz GMA AND GPA: Do good at the Masters, Kick Tigers butt,

John (U of M golf course grounds): From all of us on the grounds crew good luck, hope the course is in good enough shape for you to be at your best for your big event, I know you practice dam hard and you deserve to a green jacket man, I'll be watch in for you on the golf channel, do your best.

Cris Battle Creek: Best of luck! Enjoy the moment!

Doug, Erie: Best of luck at the masters Lion! Go Blue!

Tom-Ann Arbor: From tee to green you'll do fine. But watch those greens. Go Blue.

Chuck, Canton: One shot at a time! There's no bigger stage, but you're up to it. Good luck buddy!

Gwen (Fort Lauderdale): Best wishes from South Florida alums. Have a blast. Go Blue.

Danny (Ann Arbor): You got it Lion! Make Michigan proud and do your best! Do well man!

Steve LeDuc (UM Golf Course): We couldn't be more proud to have you representing the University of Michigan at the Masters. Enjoy every second of it. Good luck and Go Blue!

Steph (Ann Arbor): All the best, Lion!!

Jon Maine: Enjoy your experience and GO BLUE!

Alex (Ann Arbor): Lion! So proud to have a Wolverine at Augusta National! Compete hard and well (one shot at a time), and just try to soak it all in, you'll never forget it! There are plenty of Wolverines down there this week to root you on! Go Blue & Good Luck!

Steve(UM Golf Course): Good luck but most of all remember to have fun! You will remember this weekend for the rest of your life. We'll be cheering ya on!!!!

Gene (Ann Arbor): Good luck, have fun and enjoy the experience of Augusta!

Stephen A: I am very proud to have you represent our school. I will look for you on the TV and cheer. Go Blue!

Kevin (Homer MI): Best of luck and enjoy the ride....Go Blue!!!!!

Laura (Ann Arbor): Go Lion! Wear the maize and blue proudly!

Greg: Just play within yourself and whatever happens, happens. You've already accomplished something so few ever have so relax and have fun out there. You've made a lot of Michigan alumni so proud!

James A Rappaport: Good Luck Lion. Go Blue !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John ( Pleasant Lake, MI ): Lion, from a diehard man of Blue, Good Luck, enjoy!

Higgy (Flint): Best of luck Lion! Have fun and we will be pulling for you! Go Blue!!!

Jami ( age 12 Ann Arbor): Go Lion all the practice at Miles will pay off!!!

Kitty (Frankenmuth): Best of luck and Go Blue! while you are going for the green.

Brian White (Grand Rapids): It's great to be a Michigan Wolverine!!! Go Blue!!! Make a bunch of birdies and bring back some crystal!!!

Tim (Charlotte, NC): Best of luck, relax and enjoy it. We will be there to cheer you on all weekend. Go Blue !!

Mark DiMaggio Columbia, SC: Have a blast and play great!

Heath (Scottsdale AZ): Good Luck Lion and Go Blue!

Steve Mancewicz(Ann Arbor): I remember when you had your campus visit with B.O. when you were still in High School, now you're strutting around Augusta! Can't wait to see you on the course in the Maize & Blue this week. Good luck and Go Blue!

Elle - Fairfax, VA: Best wishes for an awesome experience. Have fun and GO BLUE!!

Greg (Grand Blanc, MI): Lion, stay patient and have fun. We have no doubt you'll play well...after all you are a Michigan Man!

Clif Walker (Charlotte, NC): Good luck, Lion. Play well, but most of all have fun! This is a great opportunity. Make the most of it. Go Blue!

David Liaw (Ann Arbor): Good luck Lion! Make Michigan proud.

Geoff Kasselman (Chicago): Lion best of luck this week! Don't settle for being there & don't be distracted by the hoopla...set your goals high! And give my nephew Matt F something to shoot for too! GO BLUE!

John Witherspoon (Southport, NC): Best of luck Lion as the Masters is one of golf's greatest opportunities. Go Blue!

Barb Lanese, Columbia, SC: Go, Kim, for the Maize and Blue!! Enjoy the week!

Eric (Ann Arbor): Lion, congratulations on being included in the field for golf's most prestigious event. I know you will represent the Maize and Blue with every stroke you take. Bring home that green jacket!

Richard Stacy (Detroit): Good Luck from the UM-AAAC

Rico from Alberta: GO BLUE!

Joe (Grand Blanc: Congratulations and best of luck.

Dave Clark (New Hudson,MI): Good Luck my friend!!!

Grand Blanc: Joe (Grand Blanc) Congratulations and best of luck.

Leslie (Charlottesville, VA): Couldn't be more proud of a fellow Wolverine! Go Blue!

Nick (Des Moines, IA): Good luck at the Masters Lion! GO BLUE!

Greg (St. Petersburg, FL): Best of luck and Go Blue!!!

Bill (Traverse City): Go get it - just like Inverness!

Flint: Followed you at Monday's practice round. Your caddy threw me a ball on 16. Good luck!

Mark McMann: Met you last year at the Monroe Invitational... Godd luck at the Masters... M Club 81-82

Jimmy: from your two chicago boys murph and jim, good luck this week and go low.

Kathy (Livonia, MIchigan): Enjoy your experience and Go Blue! We will be rooting for you!

Kwadwo Joyner (Detroit): Good Luck and like the Matrix just remember, "...there is no spoon..." Go Blue

matt (tulsa oklahoma): Go get em lion and go blue

Tage (Grand Rapids): Good luck at Augusta, GO Blue!

Dave(Grand Haven): Saw you on 5&6 on Monday.Keep that nice easy swing.Best of luck! Go Blue!

Nick( Atlanta, Ga: Good luck, you have a fan in Ga. GO BLUE!

Coach Dunlap (State College, PA): Lion, Good luck this week. The entire Big Ten is cheering you on! Enjoy the entire experience!

Kathy Teichert, St. Pete Beach, FL: Lion, Your hard work has paid off. Augusta is a perfect place to showcase your skills and short game. Enjoy every moment & Good luck.

PeteWolgast (Westport, CT): Good luck, Lion. My grandson, Brian, and I look forward to following you at Augusta Friday afternoon.

David Santee - Cal.: Good luck play well

Deb (Ada): Congratulations and good luck! Great to see the block M at Augusta,

Gary Kesler (Grand Rapids, MI): Go out and play your game and enjoy the walk among legends..Go Lion, Go Blue

George Schankler, Okemos, MI: Wow. What an experience for a young golfer. 400,000 alumni are pulling for you. Go Blue!

Guy Ransom Belleville: Good Luck Lion & Go Blue!

Doc Schlei (Cambridge Ontario): Have a great week Lion. We will be watching you as you walk where the greats of golf have walked before you. GO BLUE

Mark Kay (Pittsburgh PA): LION you looked really good on Tuesday. Keep practicing those putts! Those Augusta greens are tough! Congrats on your upcoming graduation as well man!

JimVB - Canton: Have fun and play well! Go Blue!!!

Brent (Grand Rapids): Enjoy the moment, and Go Blue!

Denny (Grand Blanc, MI): You are a great player Lion and have a perfect game for Augusta, play well and we are all very proud of you! Go Blue!!

Doug Davis Ann Arbor: Lion, all of us at Miles of Golf are wishing you well. Go Blue!!

Tom W (Chicago): Enjoy this special experience and stay focused on task at hand! Play well and Good luck! Go Blue!

Kirk Holland,Michigan: Enjoy the experience,great pairing! Go Lion,GO BLUE

Beth Bradley (South Lyon, MI): You are truly one of the "Leaders and Best." Best wishes Lion! All of your Michigan Athletic Family is cheering for you!

Pam & Paul, Mesa, AZ: Pars are good, an occasional birdie better. Playing on Sat. & Sun. Priceless. Sending positive thoughts. Go Blue!

Manolo-Puerto Rico: As always, i will be cheering for you. One shot at a time. GO BLUE>

Manolo-Puerto Rico: UofM Puerto Rico Spirit Group will be cheering you on. Go Blue!

Rolla Frisinger (Coldwater, MI): Enjoy the experience and tradition! Go Blue!

Larry Markman Coconut Creek, FL: 1960 Captain---Go Blue--will be cheering--enjoy enjoy

Lindsay Davis, Chicago: Lion - Whooaaaa! Tear it up, GO BLUE!!

Gabriel_Puerto Rico: Go Blue! Remember it's about putting the little ball in the hole with the flag with fewer, not more, strokes.. Good luck!

Ross Davis (Baton Rouge): Good Luck! Enjoy your time there! Will be watching you all week! GO BLUE!

Brianna Broderick, Kansas City: Best of luck Lion! It will be fun following a Wolverine!! GO BLUE!!!

Gabriel (Isleta Marina, PR): Affirm your talent there, make us proud ... Go Blue!

Matt Wolcott (Lansing, MI): Best of luck this week/weekend! Be the ball! Go Blue!

Mark Anderson, Northville: Best of luck LK - GO BLUE!

The Jack Garber family, Petoskey: May the Maize and Blue nation back hoe help hail a weekend remembered more for its Lion than its Tiger. Bleed Maize and Blue blood over all that green Lion. We are proud of you.

Karen (Dayton OH):: Make an old lady who's stuck in OSU territory Proud. Play well and have fun. Go Blue

Tyler Swann (Chapel Hill): Good luck Lion! Good to see you yesterday.

Matt Wiltse (Muirfield, OH): Good luck Lion! Stay calm and play well! GO BLUE!!

James B Perry Grosse Pointe: Relax and enjoy the moment!! You can shock the world , because what the mind can conceive and believe ,Lion Kim , the Wolverine can achieve.GO BLUE

Tom Mossen, Indianapolis: Best of Luck in youre quest to be a champion, GO BLUE

Scott Ann Arbor: Best of luvk Lion, we will be cheering for you all the way. GO BLUE

Tom Jones (UMGC): Enjoy this amazing experience, Lion! We will be watching, cheering and admiring your talent. Go Blue!!

David (Richmond, VA): Give it your best Lion. Enjoy the moment and know that Wolverine nation is with you on each shot. Go Blue!

Ray Coyne (Lexington, KY): You are a champion and are going to represent your family, team, and university well. I'll be cheering for you from the gallery over the weekend. Go Blue!

Grand Rapids: Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY!!!

Kevin (Westlake, OH): You've already made the Wolverine nation proud. Hope your hard work continues to pay off in Augusta!

Steve (Livonia): Best of luck, Lion! I'll be keeping tabs on you and hoping for the best. Go Blue!

Paul (Shingle Springs, Ca): Best of luck Lion from a "75" graduate. Go Blue.

lynn m: Live the dream, Lion.

Roberto (Puerto Rico): Pure awesomeness!

Art Sandoval (Ann Arbor): Lion vs. Tiger? Stay cool it's a Jungle out there! Go Blue!

JORGE (CEIBA PR): Great to follow you. Go Blue

Thom (Lodi): Good Luck Lion! Stay out of the Jungle of Tigers. Maize and Blue mixed can turn into a Green Jacket! Best of Luck! Go Blue!

Greg - New Jersey: Great job today - good luck during your second round - what a thrill for all Wolverines

Ryan (Washington, DC): Way to go, Lion! Go Blue!

Carl - Ann Arbor: Let's Go Lion!! Where ever you go, GO BLUE!

Michigan Ray- Canfield, OH: Good luck on Friday!! You know how Mackenzie designs greens!! You beat no 1 it again!

Robert D. (Melbourne, FL): Give it your all! Go Blue!

Chris Gallagher-Ann Arbor: Best of luck today Lion, everyone's proud of you man. Post a low score today and get ready for the weekend!

Will Kendall: Well done mate. Solid performance. Get me some of those shoes!

Tom De Vries-Charlotte, NC: Great Effort, a bounce here or there...low amatuer! GO BLUE!!

Chris (Grafton, WI): Well done, Lion. You represented Michigan with class.

Brian C. (Greensboro, NC): Awesome Job Lion Kim! Nice job posting those scores at the Masters! I love U of M and golf, so I was for you all the way! Congratulations on your win at the Public Links Championship! I was there to see it and I was very happy to see you win. Keep up the good work. I hope to see you become a pro one day!

Ron (Lowell, MI): Great job, Lion. You made us proud...good luck in the future. Go Blue!

Mary-Grand Blanc: Did you stay in the Crow's Nest? If so, how many nights and what was it like? Can you put into words what it felt like to be on such hallowed ground
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