If you're a Michigan hockey fan chances are you've made some impromptu trips in March to hockey outposts for the Frozen Four. is looking for your best road trip stories as you get ready to follow the Maize and Blue this week to St. Paul, Minn.

Tim: My friends and I have made trips to several Frozen Fours. Dig up dirt on the opposing teams. At the St. Paul Frozen Four (before the Gophers were on quite a string of not winning championships), a quick "1979" would quiet their fans down in a hurry. When there isn't a hometown favorite, it never hurts to make friends with the non-partisan fans. In Denver, we gained a bunch of support by teaching the chants to fans who were just there as an excuse to be in a company suite. Always have a backup plan. If the worst-case scenario happens and Michigan isn't victorious, you can at least make a weekend of it.

Griffin Bryce Hickman (Ann Arbor): I've never been to a Frozen Four, and I'm not exactly the biggest UM hockey fan out there (I haven't been to a game in years), but that's not stopping me from road tripping to #STP tonight with my crew. Looking forward to some pool time with the coaches and a great, big Meeeeechigan victory tomorrow night followed by some drinks at the Team Hotel lobby bar! Hope to see my travel buddy, Joey D, make the trip but I'm #ALLin!!!

H. Chuck (A2!): *I* Visited the FROZEN FOUR in 03 when we LOST to Big Bad Minnesota and I am going back for Revenge! The SIOUX will rue the day they tried to BEAT M!

Lindsey (New York): Seven of us trekked together to Denver our senior year to cheer on the Maize and Blue. From stuffing all of us into a sedan for a pre-dawn ride to Metro Airport to endless layovers in random U.S. cities, from late nights in LoDo to cartwheeling across Denver's diagnoal sidewalks, it was definitely our most memorable sports roadtrip. The Wolverines didn't win a game (Porter did win the Hobey!), but it didn't really matter in the end - it was a great way to cap our time at Michigan.

Berstow (DC): Late nite tonite but I'll be flyin in early to see my #crew and cheer for dear old Michigan Hockey! Go Blue and All In! THE team, THE team, THE team! Can't wait for THE big breakfast with the guys and seeing all the maize in STP!

Scott: When traveling to a Frozen Four in Saint Paul, do not stay at a sketchy hotel just to save a few bucks. You'll end up putting a garbage bag over your pillow to avoid contracting diseases. I know from experience (2002). Also, don't travel with Tim (posting above). When Michigan loses he'll throw his full Powerade bottle against the hotel wall, where it will burst all over your luggage.

Scott: To follow up, I wasn't too upset with the Powerade on my luggage because on the same road trip, I met my future wife, who was also in town for the game. I may be the only person to get married as a result of a UM hockey road trip! I'll be forever grateful to UM hockey for that! Go Blue!

Jevin (Minneapolis): I took the long 15 minute drive on 94 east to the house that 'Excel' built and will be HAPPILY taking it again on Saturday! I was there the year that the current seniors played their first freshman game in the X...and hope that karma repays them(and us)! Being born and raised and still living in MN, let's just say I'm happy to not have to pay airfare or gas to get to A2 to see my favorite college team play in the BIG Dance! GO BLUE!

Paul Huntington Woods: The electricity at 1996 Championship Game was unlike any other game in any sport I have attended. If you have a chance, go.

Kyle/Paige/Andrew/Jason (Ann Arbor): We are currently in route to our second-consecutive Frozen Four. We left Ann Arbor last night and stopped in Madison to learn how to Bucky.

Kyle/Paige/Andrew/Jason (Ann Arbor): We will soon be in St. Paul after 5 states and 11 hours and it will all be worth it with a U-M win! Go Blue!

Vinny from Chicago: I took the Megabus into Minneapolis on Wednesday and then took the train to the bus line and got over to St. Paul to meet my crew at the hotel. Breakfast at Mickey's and I had a grilled cheese sandwich. Good game, front row seats, which is the usual for me. Saw Dave Brandon, cool. No Brazilian steakhouse trip this time, but whatever.

AC (Troy): Couldn't make it this year!!! But I remember when Michigan was in CINCINNATI (my home) in '96!!!! LOL!!!!!! What a great win and Skyline for all!!!!!
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