Speaking and Appearance Requests

University of Michigan Athletics receives numerous speaking and appearance requests on behalf of our coaches, student-athletes and athletic department staff. The NCAA and U-M Athletics strictly regulate the manner in which coaches, student-athletes and staff may participate in these activities.

In an effort to best process your request and to assist us with the internal approval process, please submit your appearance or speaking request using the link below. Requests must comply with the guidelines listed below. Please understand that submission of a request, even if all guidelines are met, does not guarantee that the request will be fulfilled.

Speaking and Appearance Guidelines


  • U-M Athletics staff, coaches and student-athletes are prohibited from raising funds to benefit any entity that serves prospect-aged individuals (grade 9 -12, or 7 - 12 in Men's Basketball), such as high schools, high school scholarship funds or booster clubs, club sports teams for high school students, specific high school students, etc.
  • U-M Athletics staff, coaches and student-athletes are prohibited from making a recruiting presentation to or direct contact with any prospective student-athlete (or a prospective student-athlete's parents or legal guardians) in attendance at an event.
  • A student-athlete may not attend functions which cause them to miss classes, study sessions, summer school, practices, competitions, medical appointments or other institutional obligations. It is extremely difficult for student-athletes to fulfill requests during their official playing season.
  • Requests to utilize a student-athlete's name or image to promote the commercial sponsors or supporters of a charitable, educational or nonprofit agency and/or requests that are based solely upon their status or visibility as a student-athlete will not be approved.
  • If the event will have commercial sponsors, you must provide any promotional materials that will be used (i.e. flyers, advertisements), as student-athletes may neither endorse nor promote commercial products or retail businesses.
  • With any appearance or activity, student-athletes may not accept benefits in excess of actual and necessary expenses to attend the function.


  • All student-athlete, coach or athletic staff speaking and appearance requests must be submitted through the online request system and must be received at least six (6) weeks prior to the date of your event.
  • Online requests will first be routed to the appropriate Athletics staff for approval. If approved, it will go to Compliance for sign-off. If the request meets NCAA guidelines, a member of the Athletics staff will contact the organization to arrange details and schedule the appearance or speaking engagement.
  • Due to limited calendar availability and logistical challenges, priority will be given to organizations within the state of Michigan
  • Speaking and appearance requests must be accompanied by documentation of the event via a flyer, website information, etc.
  • Due to the time constraints on Coaches' and student-athletes' schedules, requests with open ended dates will not be considered.