Frequently Asked Questions

Donation and Autograph Requests

1. Is U-M Athletics able to accept personal items, such as a T-shirt or ball to be autographed by members of the team?
No. Due to the volume and frequency of requests, U-M Athletics cannot accept items to be autographed. If your online donation request is approved, U-M Athletics will provide the item at cost from its managed memorabilia inventory. The University is not responsible for any items shipped or dropped off at the Athletic campus.

2. My request did not meet the listed guidelines, is there another way I can get an autographed item?
Yes, U-M autographed memorabilia is sometimes available for purchase through the MDen website at You can also watch the MGoBlue website for designated fan days. Fans are often able to bring items to these sanctioned events to obtain autographs from coaches and athletes.

3. Will U-M Athletics donate an autographed item to an entity outside of the state of Michigan?
Unfortunately, due to the volume of requests, U-M Athletics gives priority to charitable endeavors located within the state of Michigan.

4. Does U-M Athletics provide autographed items to individuals?
No. Due to extremely high demand, U-M Athletics cannot fulfill donation requests on behalf of individuals for personal interests. U-M Athletics provides autographed items for approved charitable endeavors at cost.

5. Will U-M Athletics consider a donation to a profitable corporate entity?
No. This rule is strictly enforced and governed by the NCAA. U-M Athletics is also prohibited from providing any item to a charitable organization or event that is sponsored or co-sponsored by a commercial entity.

6. I received an item for a charitable organization last year. Can I receive another item this year?
U-M Athletics will provide a maximum of one autographed item per event. Receipt of an item in no way guarantees a donation in future years.

7. My event is only one (1) week away, can I still apply to get an item?
Unfortunately, U-M Athletics can only consider requests that are submitted with at least four weeks of lead time from the date the item is requested. This was put in place to efficiently fulfill all requests that are approved.

8. I am submitting a request for a non-profit organization, do I still have to pay for my item?
Yes. Rather than accepting pre-purchased items from organizations like they have in the past, U-M Athletics now manages its own memorabilila inventory. As a separate non-profit entity of the University of Michigan, U-M Athletics charges for these items in order to cover the cost of the item along with shipping and handling fees.

Speaking and Appearance Requests

1. Will U-M student-athletes make personal appearances?
Yes. U-M student-athletes enjoy visiting schools, organizations and giving back to the community. The Compliance and Community Engagement offices must approve all requests. To begin the approval process, please submit your student-athlete appearance request by filling out the online Appearance Request Form.

2. Why does the speaking / appearance request have to be submitted so far in advance of my event?
Due to the approval process and the busy calendars of our coaches, student athletes and Athletics staff, we require the request be submitted a minimum of six (6) weeks in advance of you event. However, it's recommended that organizations submit their requests with as much notice as possible.

3. My organization is a non-profit, but the event is being sponsored by profitable corporate entity, can a student athlete still make an appearance?
No. This rule is strictly enforced and governed by the NCAA. U-M Athletics is also prohibited from providing any item to a charitable organization or event that is sponsored or co-sponsored by a commercial entity.

4. Do I have to upload a document about my event?
When evaluating requests it is to have as much information as possible about the event or organization.
While we prefer that event or organization documents are shared, the only time we require a document to be uploaded is if the event has commercial sponsors. In that case, you must provide promotional materials to be used (flyers, ads, etc.).

5. My event or organization is located outside of the state of Michigan, does it still have a chance of being approved?
Due to limited calendar availability and NCAA restrictions surrounding travel by student-athletes, priority will be given to organization/events within the State of Michigan.

6. I don't have a budget for my event and cannot pay a speakers fee, will that automatically prevent my request from being approved?
No. We ask about event budget and speaking fees to understand the full responsibility of the Athletic Department if the request is approved. Since student-athlete appearances are strictly regulated, they are not able to accept benefits in excess of actual and necessary expenses to attend the function. However, other members of the Athletic Department staff are often requested to speak or appear at events that offer to pay speaking or travel fees.