University of Michigan Compliance Services Office

To Fans and Friends of Michigan Athletics:

Greetings! It is critical that all of us do our part to learn and abide by NCAA rules that impact Michigan recruits, student-athletes, coaches, and boosters. The goals of the Athletic Department compliance program are to:

• Control and operate the athletics program in accordance with all applicable NCAA, conference, and institutional rules to maintain a culture of compliance.

• Monitor all aspects of the University's athletics programs to ensure compliance; identify and report to the NCAA all instances in which compliance has not been achieved; and affirm that appropriate corrective actions are taken.

• Help all fans and friends of the Michigan athletic program comply with all applicable NCAA, conference, and institutional rules.

Please feel free to contact the Compliance Services Office at (734) 615-7341 with any questions about NCAA rules. Go Blue!


Elizabeth Heinrich
Executive Senior Associate AD and Chief Student Development and Compliance Officer