Adherence with NCAA legislation as it relates to agents and advisors is of utmost importance to Michigan and its Athletic Department. NCAA rules regarding agents prohibit student-athletes from having any agreement, verbal or written, for representation either now or in the future. NCAA rules also prohibit student-athletes, their relatives or friends from receiving any benefits from an agent. It is our expectation that our student-athletes and any agents who seek to contact them will adhere to these rules.

The Michigan Athletics Compliance Services Office asks that agents (1) register with the Compliance Services Office prior to having any contact with a student-athlete or their families so that we can ensure that they are properly educated regarding NCAA rules; and (2) copy us on any correspondence with our student-athletes. We are frequently asked to verify that contact which may have taken place between a student-athlete and an agent did not violate NCAA rules, so it is helpful to know what contact has occurred. If you wish to send correspondence for student-athletes to our offices, we will be happy to pass it along to them.

All agents wishing to contact Michigan student-athletes must register with the Compliance Services Office between now and June 30, 2014. A new registration cycle will begin after June 30, 2014, requiring all agents to complete another registration form with the Compliance Services Office in order to contact student-athletes.

We want our student-athletes to have the opportunity to make well-informed and educated decisions about their future; however it is critical that we protect our institution and the eligibility of our student-athletes. We appreciate your cooperation in this regard. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact Elizabeth Heinrich, Associate Athletic Director/Chief of Compliance Services at or (734) 647-1194.

University of Michigan Compliance Services Office Agent Registration

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