Social Media

Only coaches and Athletics Department staff members may be involved in the recruitment of prospects. All boosters are prohibited from contacting prospects or members of a prospect's family by any means for the purpose of encouraging a prospect's participation in Michigan's athletics program.

This prohibition extends to social media websites, such as Facebook or Twitter.

Below are a few questions to help you understand the rules and regulations regarding boosters contact with prospects via social media websites.

May I post messages on a prospect's Facebook page or similar site and try to convince him or her to attend Michigan?
No, you may not. An athletics representative may not email or post messages on the webpage or website of any prospect.

May I create an online group dedicated to convincing or encouraging a prospect to attend Michigan, even if the group members do not directly contact the prospect?
No, this is considered a recruiting activity and would not be permissible.

What if I do not urge a prospect to come to Michigan, may I contact them just to tell them about all the great things Michigan has to offer?
No, once again this is another form of recruiting.