Boosters, Alumni and Fans

Thank you for your continued tremendous support of Michigan Athletics. Michigan's responsibilities related to the NCAA and Big Ten regulations extend beyond entities within the Athletics Department. Your adherence to all applicable NCAA rules and regulations is essential as we strive to continue to be the "Leaders and Best!"

Please explore this website to learn more about NCAA rules and regulations that effect you as a booster, alumni or fan.

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Top 5 Things Every Michigan Fan Should Know:

  1. You may not have recruiting conversations with prospect or their families. A prospect is any student who has begun classes for the 9th grade (7th grade for men's basketball). This includes in-person contact on or off Michigan's campus, by telephone or in writing (e.g., email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  2. You may not provide benefits to a student-athlete, a prospect or their family/friends, unless such benefits are available to the general public or all Michigan students. Examples include: transportation, cash, gifts, meals, clothing, use of unadvertised discounts, etc.
  3. You may not use a student-athlete's name, picture or appearance in a commercial advertisement, business promotion or product endorsement.
  4. You may not purchase game tickets, apparel, equipment or awards from current student-athletes.
  5. You may not sell any memorabilia using the name or image of a current student-athlete, including items that have been autographed by a current student-athlete.

If you have questions whether you are considered a booster of Michigan Athletics or if you have questions about what you may or may not do as a booster, please feel free to contact the Compliance Services Office at (734) 615-7341.