Countable Athletically Related Activities

A student-athlete's participation in countable athletically related activities (CARA) shall be limited to the following:

During the Playing Season Outside the Playing Season
Daily Limit: 4 Hours Daily Limit: 4 Hours
Weekly Limit: 20 Hours Weekly Limit: 8 Hours
At least one (1) day off per week At least two (2) days off per week

A competition day is considered three (3) hours of activity regardless of the actual duration of the event (includes pre-game warm-ups, shootaround, etc.).

Coaches are required to log their team's weekly playing/practice hours through JumpForward.

Countable Athletically Related Activities Noncountable Athletically Related Activities
  • Practices
  • Athletics meetings with a coach initiated or required by a coach
  • Competition
  • Field, floor or on-court activity
  • Required weight-training and conditioning activities
  • Required participation in camps/clinics
  • Participation outside the regular season in individual skill-related instructional activities with a member of the coaching staff
  • Discussion or review of game films
  • Visiting the competition site in cross country and golf
  • Compliance meetings
  • Meetings with a coach initiated by the student-athlete
  • Drug/alcohol educational meetings or CHAMPS/Life Skills meetings
  • Study hall, tutoring or academic meetings
  • Voluntary weight training not conducted by a coach or staff member
  • Traveling to and from the site of competition
  • Recruiting activities (e.g., student host)
  • Training table meals
  • Community service, promotional or public relations activities including media activities
  • Physical rehabilitation

Definition of a Week -- Any seven (7) consecutive days to be determined by the individual sport's discretion. Once the "week" is defined, it shall not change for the duration of the season.

Competition Day -- All competition and any associated athletically related activities on the day of competition shall count as three (3) hours regardless of the actual duration of these activities. Countable athletically related activities may not be conducted at any time (including vacation periods) following competition, except between contests, rounds or events (e.g., double-headers in baseball).

In-Season -- The time between the team's first officially recognized practice session and the last practice session or competition. Seasons can be separated into 2 distinct segments: championship and non-championship.

Out-of-Season -- The remaining days during the academic year not included in the in-season period. In sports other than football, participation in up to two (2) hours of required skill instruction is permissible. In football, skill-instruction activities are limited to review of game film. Conditioning drills simulating offensive/defensive alignments are impermissible.

Vacation Periods and Between Terms -- Hour limitations do not apply during official institutional break periods when classes are not in session (i.e., fall, winter, spring break). This includes hour limitations during preseason practice prior to the first day of classes.

Travel Day -- A travel day related to athletics participation may be considered a day off, provided no countable activities occurred.

Final Exam Period -- When in-season, limitations do apply during final-examination periods and preparatory days leading up to final exams. When out-of season, all athletically related activities are prohibited one (1) week prior to the beginning of final exams through the conclusion of each student-athlete's exam.

Safety Exception -- A coach may be present during voluntary activities (noncountable) in a practice facility when students are using equipment in the sports of gymnastics, rowing, swimming/diving, track (field events only), water polo, wrestling.

Voluntary Activity -- All of the following conditions must be met:

  • Student-athletes are not required to report back to a coach any information related to the activity. Staff members observing activities may not report back to a coach any information related to the activity.
  • Activity must be initiated and requested solely by the student-athlete.
  • Attendance and participation in the activity (or lack thereof) may not be recorded for the purpose of reporting to coaching staff or other student-athletes.
  • Student-athletes may not be subjected to penalties should they not participate and no recognition or incentive may be awarded based on attendance or performance.