Equipment and Apparel

A student-athlete may retain athletics apparel items but not equipment at the end of their intercollegiate participation.

A student-athlete may retain apparel items that are not reusable by other team members in subsequent years. Please refer to the charts below to determine what items student-athletes may keep.

Disposable Goods (SAs May Keep):
Bloomers Fleece pants Shoes T-shirts Gloves (not Hockey)
Knee pads Shorts, practice Bodysuit, track Grips Leotards
Shower sandals Visors Bowl jersey, FB Mocks Singlets, Practice
Pants, Track Socks Winter Caps Hats Polar Fleece
Wrist Bands Compression Shorts Headbands Polo Shirts Fleece Crews
Shell, Practice Tights, Track      
Non-disposable Goods/Equipment (SA May NOT Keep)**:
Balls Golf Bags Pants, Game* Shorts, Game* Tights, Game*
Bats Golf Clubs Parkas Singlet, Competition Warm ups, Game
Helmets Duffle Bags Skates Gloves, Hockey Hockey Sticks
Rain Apparel Skirts Gloves, Baseball Jackets Sunglasses*
Jerseys, Game* Tennis Racquets Gloves, Softball    

*Permissible for Seniors to retain at no cost.

**May sell used equipment to student-athletes for going rate of used equipment (e.g., same price if sold in UM garage sale).

Sale of Used Equipment to Student-Athletes -- Used equipment may be purchased by student-athletes on the same cost basis as any other individual interested in purchasing the equipment (e.g., fair market value). Student-athletes may be initially offered an opportunity to purchase the equipment at fair market value. In the event there is deemed to be no resale value, the student-athlete may purchase equipment for $1.

Sale of Equipment or Apparel -- Student-athletes may not sell or trade any apparel or equipment issued to them by the University of Michigan.