Publicity and Recruiting

Prospect's Visit to Michigan's Campus

Michigan MAY NOT publicize a prospect's visit to Michigan's campus. An NCAA interpretation expressly prohibits prospects from participating in team activities in public settings, such as being included in the group of student-athletes who hold the M-Club banner on the football field as the team runs underneath.

Publicity of Prospects Prior to Signing a NLI

A coach, staff member or student-athlete:

  • MAY comment publicly only to the extent of confirming Michigan's recruitment of the prospect.
  • MAY like, favorite, or retweet any social media post provided it is not generated by or references a recruiting or scouting service.
  • MAY NOT comment generally about the prospect's ability or the contribution that the prospect might make to Michigan's team.
  • MAY NOT comment as to the likelihood of the prospect's signing with Michigan or the prospect's intent to enroll at Michigan.