Social Media and Recruiting

The NCAA restriction making it impermissible for a coach to publicize a prospective student-athletes recruitment is particularly applicable as it extends to a coach's use of social media. While it is permissible for a coach to microblog (e.g., Twitter, Facebook) about generic information and locations visited, it is impermissible for a coach to post the name, nickname, or other personally identifiable information of a prospective student-athlete.

In addition, because it is permissible for coaches to send prospective student-athletes emails beginning September 1 (June 15 for men's basketball and ice hockey) at the beginning of a prospective student-athlete's junior year in high school, coaches may correspond with prospective student-athletes via social media websites (e.g., Twitter, Facebook) so long as they have reached the applicable age and all communication is private and viewable by only the sender and recipient. A coach may like, favorite, or retweet any social media post provided it is not generated by or references a recruiting or scouting service.