Social Media and Recruiting

The NCAA restriction making it impermissible for a coach to publicize a prospective student-athletes recruitment is particularly applicable as it extends to a coach's use of social media. While it is permissible for a coach to microblog (e.g., Twitter, Facebook) about generic information and locations visited, it is impermissible for a coach to post the name, nickname, or other personally identifiable information of a prospective student-athlete.

In addition, because it is permissible for coaches to send prospective student-athletes emails beginning September 1 (June 15 for men's basketball and ice hockey) at the beginning of a prospective student-athlete's junior year in high school, coaches may correspond with prospective student-athletes via social media websites (e.g., Twitter, Facebook) so long as they have reached the applicable age and all communication is private and viewable by only the sender and recipient.

For further information regarding social networking and recruiting, please review the Social Media Tip Sheet Get Acrobat Reader

April 26, 2012 Educational Column Get Acrobat Reader