Summer Activities

Summer Workouts -- Michigan coaching staff members may not organize, observe or participate in a Wolverine team's workout during the summer except as noted below for the safety exception and individual sports, as well as required summer athletic activities in basketball and football. Student-athletes may not be required to submit summer work-out logs and progress reports. In addition, a student-athlete may not be subjected to penalty if he or she elects not to participate in a summer activity.

Strength and Conditioning Coaches -- Student-athletes may participate in voluntary conditioning activities in the presence of a strength coach, who may monitor, conduct, supervise or assist student-athletes in these activities.

Sport Specific Staff Members -- Staff members with sport specific responsibilities (operations directors, etc.) may not observe or direct student-athletes participating in voluntary activities during the vacation period.

Permissible Summer Conditioning Activities -- Summer conditioning drills may simulate game activities provided no offensive or defensive alignments are set up and no equipment related to the sport is used. In ice hockey, a student-athlete may be involved in on-ice conditioning activities, provided no equipment other than skates is utilized.

Student-Athlete Facility Use -- Student-athletes may use Michigan facilities during summer vacation period on a complimentary basis for voluntary activities.

Prospective Student-Athletes -- Incoming student-athletes who have signed a NLI or scholarship agreement, or are enrolled in summer school may participate voluntary weight lifting and conditioning workouts conducted by a strength and conditioning coach.

Team vs. Individual Sports -- In individual sports, a coach may participate in individual workout sessions with a student-athlete during the summer, provided the request for the assistance is initiated by the student-athlete. Team sport participants are not permitted to be involved in any countable athletically related activities during the summer.

Safety Exception -- In the sports of gymnastics, rowing, swimming/diving, track (field events only), water polo and wrestling a coach may be present during voluntary individual workout sessions in Michigan's regular practice facilities when the student-athlete uses equipment associated with their sport. While the coach may provide safety instruction and skill instruction, the coach may not conduct the individual's workouts.