Extra Benefits

Per NCAA rules and regulations, it is impermissible for your son or daughter to accept anything that is not generally available to the Michigan student body. In addition, please remember the following regarding your role as the parent of a student-athlete:

  • Do not accept anything from a sports agent, scout, runner or outside equipment vendor.
  • Do not accept any complimentary or discounted items, such as merchandise or lodging, offered because of your status as the parent of a student-athlete.
  • Michigan cannot reserve a block of discounted rooms at a hotel for the use by parents or family members of student-athletes except during postseason events. Michigan may not pay for the expense of such lodging.
  • Michigan cannot arrange for the purchase of additional tickets for athletic events. Additional tickets beyond the complimentary tickets provided to your son or daughter must be purchased in the same manner as the general public.
  • All travel expenses, including personal transportation, meals and lodging may not be paid for by the university of a representative of athletics interests (booster). The receipt of a meal, without payment, by the parent or family member of a student-athlete at an institutional tailgate would constitute an extra benefit.
  • You may provide a meal to your son or daughter's teammates at any location on an occasional basis.
  • You cannot provide off-campus housing free of charge or at a reduced rate to other student-athletes. For example, if you own a home in the area, you must charge your son or daughter's teammates a fair market rate if they wish to reside there.
  • It is impermissible for student-athletes, their friends and relatives to sell any item received incidental to the student-athlete's participation on a Michigan athletics team. This includes clothes, gear, uniforms and other items provided by the institution to your son or daughter.