Financial Aid

University of Michigan Financial Aid Office

The NCAA permits a student-athlete to receive financial aid from anyone upon whom he or she is naturally or legally dependent. A student-athlete may also receive financial aid not to exceed the cost of tuition, room, board, books and fees from:

Sources Distributed by the University:

  • A student-athlete may receive institutional need-based aid based on information from his or her FAFSA. Such aid may include scholarships, grants, work-study, SEOG and PELL.
  • A student-athlete may receive scholarships based on academic standing and/or athletic ability.
  • The possibility of student employment either as work-study (need-based) or non work-study may be available to a student-athlete.

Sources Outside the University

  • A student-athlete may receive financial aid that is awarded on basis unrelated to athletic; or
  • The aid is awarded through an established and continuing program aid to students, if the following conditions are met:
    • The student-athlete's choice of institution is not restricted by the donor; and
    • There is no direct connection between the donor and Michigan.
  • A student-athlete MUST report all outside financial aid awards which he or she receives towards his or her college expenses.

Reduction/Cancellation of Institutional Financial Aid

If a student-athlete is receiving institutional financial aid based in any degree on athletics ability, that financial aid MAY be reduced or canceled during the period of the award (e.g., during that academic year or term) only if the student-athlete:

  • Renders himself or herself ineligible for intercollegiate competition, or
  • Fraudulently misrepresents any information on an application, letter of intent or financial aid agreement, or
  • Commits serious misconduct which warrants a substantial disciplinary penalty (the misconduct determination must be made by the university's regular student disciplinary authority), or
  • Voluntarily quits the sport for personal reasons. In this case, the student-athlete's financial aid may not be given to another student-athlete during the term in which the aid was reduced or canceled.
  • Violates any written condition on Schedule A of the student-athlete's athletics aid agreement.

Institutional financial aid based in any degree on athletics ability MAY NOT be reduced, canceled or increased during the period of the award:

  • Based on a student-athlete's ability, performance or contribution to a team's success, or
  • Because injury prevents the student-athlete from participating, or
  • For any other athletics reason.