NCAA rules prohibit all student-athletes, coaches, and staff from wagering on any intercollegiate and professional sport, at any level, that is sponsored by the NCAA. This ban also applies to pools or fantasy leagues in which an entry fee is required and there is an opportunity to win a prize or money.

The NCAA strictly prohibits student-athletes, coaches and staff from engaging in the following activities:

  • Soliciting a bet on any intercollegiate or professional team.
  • Accepting a bet on any team representing the institution.
  • Soliciting or accepting a bet on any intercollegiate or professional competition for any item (e.g., cash, shirt, dinner) that has tangible value.
  • Participating in any gambling activity that involves intercollegiate athletics or professional athletics, through a bookmaker, a parlay card or any other method employed by organized gambling, including pools, auctions and fantasy leagues.
  • Knowingly providing information to individuals involved in any type of organized gambling activities concerning intercollegiate athletics competition.