Student-Athlete Employment

All student-athletes who wish to work MUST receive prior approval from the Athletics Department. Student-athletes must contact the Compliance Services Office at 734-615-7341 prior to starting employment.

Student-athletes are permitted to earn income through legitimate employment opportunities.

A student-athlete may receive employment compensation:

  • Only for work that is actually performed and useful in nature;
  • Only for the number of hours actually worked;
  • At a rate commensurate with the going rate for similar services in the area.

A student-athlete may NOT receive:

  • Payment for value that he or she brings the employer because of publicity, reputation, fame or personal following because of his or her athletics ability;
  • Transportation to work or other benefits, unless the same benefits are available equally to all employees.

Fee-for-lesson Employment

NCAA rules permit student-athletes to be employed on a fee-for-lesson basis under the following prescribed conditions:

  • Fee-for-lesson employment may NOT take place in an institutional facility;
  • A student-athlete must actually provide skill instruction; "playing lessons" are not permissible;
  • Compensation must be paid by the lesson recipient or the recipient's family and not another outside individual or entity;
  • Payment must be at the going rate for such services in the area;
  • A student-athlete may not use his or her name in promoting or advertising the lesson.