Extra Benefits

It is an NCAA violation for a Michigan student-athlete to receive something that is not generally available to the Michigan student body. Student-athletes should NOT accept transportation, payment of food or drink, or any other benefit from someone who is not an established friend or family member.

Extra benefits can include, but, are not limited to:

  • Money, gifts, clothing, tickets for entertainment, haircut, and use of a car.
  • Free or reduced-cost room or board anywhere.
  • Free or reduced-cost merchandise or services.
  • Use of Athletics Department copy/fax machines, long distance telephone services or free use of a cell phone.
  • Typing or editing reports, papers, letters, etc. for a student-athlete.
  • A loan of money or the consigning of a note to arrange a loan.
  • The sale or trade of complimentary admissions for merchandise, services or debt repayment.
  • The sale or trade of ANY items a student-athlete has received for his or her participation in athletics (e.g., gear, clothing, awards).

Accepting an extra benefit will jeopardize a student-athlete's eligibility to compete in NCAA sports.