Outside Competition

Michigan student-athletes must receive approval from the Compliance Services Office prior to participating in competition as a member of an outside sports team or as an individual.

Pending CSO approval, student-athletes in all sports (except football) may compete in non-collegiate amateur competition during select time periods (e.g., summer break, official Michigan vacation periods when team it out-of-season).

During the Academic Year:

  • In the sport of basketball, you cannot participate during the academic year in any organized basketball competition without losing ALL eligibility for further intercollegiate competition in the sport of basketball.
  • In all sports except basketball, you cannot participate during the academic year as a member of an outside team in any non-collegiate, amateur competition. Exception: You may represent the University of Michigan in intercollegiate competition in accordance with permissible playing season rules in your sport (e.g., tournament play, exhibition games).
  • Anytime a student-athlete wants to compete during the academic year while not representing U of M, they must obtain prior written approval from the Compliance Services Office. A U of M student-athlete may participate unattached in an open meet where U of M student-athletes are representing Michigan as long as the meet is open to the general public, is not held in conjunction with an intercollegiate competition, and no team scoring occurs.

The number of Michigan student-athletes on any one outside team shall not exceed the following limitations:

Baseball - 4 Basketball - 2 Rowing - 4 Cross Country - Unlimited
Field Hockey - 5 Ice Hockey - Unlimited Golf - Unlimited Gymnastics - Unlimited
Soccer - 5 Softball - 4 Swimming - Unlimited Tennis - Unlimited
Track & Field - Unlimited Volleyball - 2 Water Polo - Unlimited Wrestling - Unlimited