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Subscriptions for Premium Content

There are two separate subscription packages for Big Digital Network (BTDN). One is for Michigan events only ( all-access). The other is a conference wide package that gives users access to all 11 school's premium content (Nebraska is not included).

A Michigan Subscription will allow users access to all home and away events streamed for the Wolverines A BTN subscription allows users all video events for all schools. So whether it is a BTDN streamed event or a school streamed event, it would rest on the home school player, the BTN player and the visiting team player.

To see if an event is streamed consult the school schedule on, or on the Big Ten Digital Network.

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All events that air on the Big Ten Network (BTN) will also be streamed live on BTN2Go. Users also have the ability to view archived games on demand. The games that air on ESPN and/or CBS will be available on demand on BTN2Go per their respective business rules. Also, iPad and iPhone apps for BTN2Go are available. requires a home cable/satellite service to receive.

How To Cancel Your Subscription

  1. Log into the Michigan All-Access player here
  2. Click on the My Account link in the upper left corner
  3. Go to the My Subscriptions section
  4. Select the subscription you would like to cancel and click on “Cancel this subscription at end of term”
    » You must select a reason for the cancel from the drop down menu
  5. Finally, you will receive a confirmation email with details regarding your subscription cancellation

Living or traveling outside of North America to watch Big Ten games

If a user has a home in the US and pays for cable/satellite in that home, he/she may be able to watch via (and BTN2Go iPad and iPhone apps). Currently, DIRECTV, Dish Network, Charter and Time Warner subscribers that get BTN at home can watch BTN Live 24/7 and On Demand via BTN2Go. ABC/ESPN televised games are added for On Demand viewing beginning at approximately midnight ET on Saturday nights, so any Badger game that airs on ABC or ESPN will be available a few hours after it's finished. More cable partners are coming soon in addition to the four mentioned above.

NOTE: On occasion, if you are unable to view a live stream you may need to clear your computer's cache. Here are the instructions:

PC: In a Web browser, such as Internet Explorer, clear a browser's cache by going to Internet Options and deleting "Temporary Internet Files," while on Firefox, the same thing can be done by clicking "Clear Private Data."
See a one minute video:

MAC: To clear a browser's cache on a Mac, open up the Safari menu and select the empty cache feature.
See a one minute video:

What are the minimum System Requirements for the Adobe Flash based All-Access player?

Minimum Processor: Pentium 4, 2.33 + GHz
Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7 / 8
Plug-in: Adobe® Flash® Player 11+
Adobe® Flash® Player 11+ plug-in may be downloaded by clicking 
Click on the "Agree and install now" button (you may want to un-check; the optional McAfee Security Scan Plus)

Minimum Processor: multicore intel processor
Operating Systems: Mac OS X v10.4 or later
Plug-in: Adobe® Flash® Player 11+
Adobe® Flash® Player 11+ plug-in may be downloaded by clicking 
Click on the "Agree and install now" (you may want to un-check  the optional McAfee Security Scan Plus)

Other Minimum Configurations
RAM 1 Gig or higher
16-bit sound card and speakers
65,000-color video display card
High speed broadband internet connection; 800kbps or greater available bandwidth
JavaScript turned ON
Pop-up and Ad Blockers DISABLED

Firefox 4/5+
Internet Explorer 8/9+
Chrome 18+
Safari 5.1.2+
Opera 11.62+
Note: AOL is not a supported browser for All-Access

Motorola Xoom (Android 4.0.4 Chrome-Derivative)+
Galaxy Tab (Opera Mobile 11.00) +
iPad 3(Mobile Safari iOS 5.1) +

Android (Opera Mobile 11.00, Android 4.0.4 Chrome-Derivative) +
iPhone (Mobile Safari iOS 5.1) +

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