Crisler Center Information Guide for Women's Gymnastics

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Gate Openings

We highly recommend getting inside the arena gates with plenty of time to enjoy pre-meet festivities and avoid the typical traffic congestion near the start of the meet. Showing up early and becoming familiar with your surroundings is the best way to ensure an exceptional meet day experience. Crisler Center gates open 90 minutes prior to the start of the meet.

Entrance Access
Southwest (SW) General Admission, Ticket Sales, Accessible Entrance
Northeast (NE) General Admission, Ticket Sales, Accessible Entrance, Public Will Call, Player Guest Will Call

Way Finding Signage

Every portal has a letter that will help guests find their sections more easily. Event team members will be able to direct you to your designated portal. Entering the proper portal will be the quickest and easiest way to your seat.

Automated Teller Machines

ATMs are located in the Northeast Concourse by the MDen and in the Southwest Concourse across from MDen.

Baby Changing Areas

Baby changing areas are located in all restrooms of Crisler Center.

Cameras and Video Equipment

Single-frame flash photography is not allowed at Women's Gymnastics meets. All forms of video and motion-picture cameras are strictly prohibited. Guests are also forbidden to use lighting or camera support pods at Crisler Center.


Full service concession stands are available around the Crisler Center concourse. Concession services are managed by Sodexo, Inc.


Guests arriving to Crisler Center are encouraged to arrive early and travel light. Anyone attempting to enter Crisler Center will be subject to a security check of their bag and jacket. Bags that have been approved and passed inspection should be able to fit comfortably under your seat. Oversized bags that interfere with the comfort of those around you are prohibited and final determination of this will be made by a Crisler Center event team member. Crisler Center does not provide an area to check bags, jackets, or any other personal belongings. Please note that guests are advised to leave all bags at home.


Guests are not permitted to leave Crisler Center and return on the same ticket. Re-admittance to Crisler Center will be allowed only in the case of an emergency. Those needing to exit Crisler Center for this purpose must see a supervisor prior to exiting.

Fan Conduct

Guests using foul language, making obscene gestures, or appearing inebriated will be ejected from Crisler Center. Any guest entering the court area or throwing objects in the stands or onto the court are subject to a citation and/or ejection. Guests' season tickets may be subject to termination if they or the persons holding their ticket are found to be the cause of these problems. If someone is interfering with your enjoyment of the game, please contact a Crisler Center event team member for assistance.


American Red Cross personnel are located throughout the arena seating areas and are available for assistance. An ambulance is on site at Crisler Center during all games and emergency medical technicians are prepared to assist any guest in need. Should you or someone near you require medical assistance, please see a Crisler Center event team member or go to the First Aid Station located on the Northeast Concourse at the top of the stairs.

Lost Children

Lost children should be taken to the nearest Crisler Center event team member.

Lost and Found

Found articles should be taken to the Guest Services booth on the Northeast Concourse. Persons who have lost articles can inquire at the Guests Services booth or call (734) 763-1659 to inquire about their belongings.

M Den

Souvenirs may be purchased at the M Den shops located at the northeast corner of the Crisler Center Concourse.

Parking & Traffic

Parking is available in the lots surrounding Crisler Center. It can be accessed from Green Street and Stadium Boulevard.

Additional Information: The University of Michigan will not be responsible for loss of or damage to vehicles parked for a women's gymnastics meet or their contents. Patrons are reminded that normal parking regulations apply on game day. Vehicles parked in fire lanes, at the end of aisles, and in any other illegal location will be ticketed and/or towed. Spaces are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Spaces may not be reserved for later arriving vehicles unless authorized by the UM Athletic Department.


Official souvenir programs are available from vendors on the Crisler Center concourse.

Prohibited Items

Guests are reminded that signs, conduct, or attire that is deemed offensive or inappropriate by a Crisler Center event staff team member will not be allowed in Crisler Center. All persons and bags are subject to search. Bags that have passed inspection must fit comfortably under your seat. Oversized bags that interfere with the comfort of those around you are prohibited and final determination of this will be made by a Crisler Center event team member.

The following items are prohibited at Women's Gymnastics meets:

• Flash photography
• Oversized bags
• Containers of any kind (including coolers, thermoses, cups, bottles, cans, flasks)
• Aerosol and Spray Cans
• Flags with Flagpoles
• Alcoholic Beverages
• Camcorders and Tripods
• Strollers
• Irritants (i.e., noisemakers, air horns, etc.)
• Food of any kind
• Weapons
• Apparel or signage displaying profane or abusive language
• Binoculars
• Camera lenses larger than 6-inches in length


The University of Michigan is a smoke-free campus. For the health and enjoyment of our guests, smoking is prohibited in all areas of the arena or on arena grounds. In addition, guests wanting to leave and smoke may not re-enter the arena. It is the responsibility of all guests to observe the no-smoking regulation.


Guests needing to make a phone call may do so at the Guest Services booth located on the Northeast Concourse.

Tickets and Admission

Crisler Center gates will be open 90 minutes prior to meet time. Tickets cannot be refunded or replaced if lost, stolen, or destroyed. Please hold on to your ticket stub at all times. Public & Team Will Call is located at the Northeast Entrance of Crisler Center.

Michigan reserves the right to prohibit the carrying of any other item into the arena. Decisions on which items to prohibit will be made contingent upon security briefings by law enforcement agencies. An updated list of prohibited items is listed on


The University of Michigan has established the following policies and procedures in an effort to ensure that our guests who have a disability enjoy their game day experience at Crisler Center. If you have any questions about these policies and procedures, please see the nearest event team member. If you have any post-game day feedback, please e-mail us at

Parking for Persons with Disabilities: Convenience parking is located on the football stadium concourse and is accessible through Gate 3 (along Stadium Blvd.). Vehicles must turn left on Kipke Drive off of Stadium Boulevard and will then be directed toward Gate 3 via Stadium Way to access this area. Only persons with a state issued disability placard will be allowed to access this parking lot. In addition, accessible parking is available in the Blue Lot on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Gates: The Southwest and Northeast Entrances of Crisler Center are ADA accessible.

Elevator: The Crisler Center elevator in the Northeast Entrance may be used by guests with a disability to access the different areas of the arena. Please see the arena map for the location of elevator.

Accessible Routes: The Crisler Center concourse is fully accessible. If guests need assistance to/from different areas please contact the nearest event team member for help.

Will Call: The Public Will Call ticket window is located at the Northeast Entrance of Crisler Center. Guests parking inside the stadium concourse can use the accessible path on the south side of Crisler Center to get to Will Call, located in the Northeast Entrance.

Restrooms: All restrooms inside Crisler Center are accessible.

Ticketing/Seating: Michigan recognizes the needs of persons with disabilities, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and complies with both ADA and State of Michigan accessibility mandates. The University of Michigan strives to accommodate the individual needs of guests with disabilities and has adopted the following ticket policies:

  • Wheelchair users -- Persons using wheelchairs and their companion(s) will be permitted, subject to availability, to purchase adjacent seats in a manner which affords them full and equal accessibility.
  • Season Tickets -- Season ticket sales for persons who use a wheelchair and their companion(s) can be renewed in the same manner as guests without disabilities, except as noted in this policy. Guests using wheelchairs and their companion(s) shall be afforded a choice of seating locations from among the available wheelchair locations.
  • Single Meet Tickets -- Subject to availability of accessible seating, the University will offer for sale single meet tickets for wheelchair seats and companion seats to the same extent single meet tickets are offered to guests without disabilities.
  • Exchanges -- If wheelchair accessible seating is needed, a person should bring in their tickets for exchange to the Athletic Ticket Office as soon as possible. Exchanges are made on a first come, first serve basis. Subject to availability, tickets may be exchanged at the Crisler Center Northeast Entrance on meet day beginning 90 minutes prior to the meet. The Athletic Ticket Office will attempt to provide such tickets in a comparable location to the original tickets. Ticket exchanges are handled on a first-come first-serve basis based on availability. A person who has ticket(s) in wheelchair accessible seating and transfers them to a patron who does not need such seating must bring in their tickets to the Athletic Ticket Office by 2 p.m. on the day of the meet to exchange their tickets for non-accessible seating.
  • Seats Reserved Exclusively for Individuals with Disabilities -- No season or individual meet tickets will be sold or exchanged to guests without disabilities (other than companions of wheelchair users) in any wheelchair accessible seating. Persons who purchase season tickets in wheelchair accessible locations will be subject to verification of need for a wheelchair accessible seating location.

ADA Coordinator: The University of Michigan welcomes your comments and concerns regarding the accessibility of our campus for persons with disabilities. Please feel free to contact the University's ADA Coordinator with your comments by calling (734)763-0235; emailing or completing the accessibility concerns form at