Crisler Center Guide for Guests with a Disability

The University of Michigan has established these policies and procedures in an effort to ensure that our guests with a disability enjoy their game day experience at Crisler Center. If you have any questions about these policies and procedures, please see the nearest Event Team Member. Also, if you have any post game day input, please e-mail us at


Convenience parking is available for patrons with a disability through Gate 3 of Michigan Stadium (off of Stadium Blvd.). Guests parking inside the stadium concourse can enter through Southwest entrance of Crisler Center. Only persons with a convenience parking permit OR $10 AND a state-issued disability placard will be allowed to access this parking lot.


The Southwest and Northeast entrances of Crisler Center are ADA accessible.


The Crisler Center elevator in the Northeast entrance may be used by guests with a disability to access the different areas of the arena. Please see the arena map (PDF) for the location of elevator.

Accessible Routes

The Crisler Center concourse is fully accessible. If guests need assistance to/from different areas please contact the nearest Event Staff Team Member for help.

Will Call

The Public Will Call ticket window is located at the Northeast entrance of Crisler Center. Guests parking inside the stadium concourse can use the accessible path on the south side of Crisler Center to get to Will Call, located in the Northeast entrance.


All restrooms inside Crisler Center are accessible. Court level restrooms are available in the North & Blavin Tunnels. Please see an Event Team Member at the entrance of the tunnel for access.


The University of Michigan recognizes the needs of persons with disabilities, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and continues to make every effort to comply with both ADA and State of Michigan accessibility mandates. In addition, the University of Michigan, strives to accommodate the individual needs of guests with disabilities and have adopted the following ticket policies:

  • Wheelchair users -- Persons using wheelchairs and their companion(s) will be permitted, subject to availability, to purchase adjacent seats in a manner which affords them full and equal accessibility. All courtside wheelchair needs should be directed to Alma Davila-Toro at or 734-936-5007.
  • Season Tickets -- Season ticket sales for persons who use a wheelchair and their companion(s) can be renewed in the same manner as guests without disabilities, except as noted in this policy. Guests using wheelchairs and their companion(s) shall be afforded a choice of seating locations from among the available wheelchair locations.
  • Single Game Tickets -- Subject to availability of accessible seating, the university will offer for sale single game tickets for wheelchair seats and companion seats to the same extent single game tickets are offered to guests without disabilities.
  • Exchanges -- If wheelchair accessible seating is needed, a person should bring in their tickets for exchange to the Athletic Ticket Office as soon as possible. Exchanges are made on a first come, first serve basis. Subject to availability, tickets may be exchanged at Crisler Center (Northeast Entrance) on game day beginning 1.5 hours prior to the game. The Athletic Ticket Office will use its best efforts to provide such tickets in a comparable location to the original tickets. Ticket exchanges are handled on a first-come first-serve basis.

    Likewise, a person who has ticket(s) in wheelchair accessible seating and transfers them to a patron who does not need such seating must bring in their tickets to the Athletic Ticket Office by 2 p.m. the day of the game to exchange their tickets for non-accessible seating.
  • Seats Reserved Exclusively for Individuals with Disabilities -- No season or individual game tickets will be sold or exchanged to guests without disabilities (other than non-disabled companions of wheelchair users) in any wheelchair accessible or companion seating area. Persons who purchase season tickets in wheelchair accessible and companion seating will be subject to verification of need for a wheelchair accessible seating location.

ADA Coordinator

The University of Michigan welcomes your comments and concerns regarding the accessibility of our campus for persons with disabilities. Please feel free to contact the University's ADA Coordinator with your comments by calling (734) 763-0235; emailing; or completing the accessibility concerns form at