Al Glick Field House

Al Glick Field House

OCCUPANCY DATE: Aug. 7, 2009
BUILDING DIMENSIONS: 429 ft. x 216 ft.
TOTAL AREA: 104,049 sq. ft.
PRACTICE FIELD: 90,631 sq. ft.

The University of Michigan Indoor Football Practice Facility was completed in August 2009. The 104,000 square foot building provides the Wolverines with a modern complex that rivals elite practice structures throughout college and professional football. The $26.1 million dollar project allowed for the creation of new indoor and outdoor practice fields in addition to renovations to the team's locker room and weight room.

Highlighting the development is a full-size indoor practice field that features a state-of-the-art FieldTurf playing surface. The field has a 20 feet run-off behind each end zone and 25 feet clearance on both sidelines. The height reaches 85 feet in the middle and narrows to 60 feet at the hash marks.

The field house includes a scoreboard, observation deck from the coach's offices, public restrooms and a 4,000 square foot equipment storage facility.

Adjacent to the new structure, field work will reshape areas to the west and south of the Indoor Building to enhance and expand the team's current outdoor practice area. The new facility, named the Al Glick Field House and designed by Jickling Lyman Powell Associates, was erected on State Street and connects to Schembechler Hall on the south side of the building.

Along with the new playing surfaces, the project allocated an additional 3,082 gross square feet of renovations to the Schembechler Hall locker room, as well as expanded one of college football's most venerated strength and conditioning facilities by 2,000 square feet.

• The Wolverines have more indoor practice space than any college or professional football team in the world.
• Michigan and Texas A&M are the only programs in the country that have two indoor practice fields.