MHSFCA Wall of Fame at Michigan Stadium

The Michigan High School Football Coaches Association (MHSFCA) opened its "Wall of Fame" at Michigan Stadium in October 2010. The Wall of Fame displays each class of Hall of Fame Coaches since the first induction in 1982 and, on individual plaques, the current year's inductees. Hall of Fame members have coached football at least 20 years in Michigan high schools or won a minimum 100 games. In actuality, most members have accumulated many more wins during many more than the 20 years minimum. The MHSFCA is proud to recognize our Hall of Fame coaches for their contributions to Michigan High School Football at Michigan Stadium. The Wall of Fame is located on the inside of the southeast tower (nearest Crisler Center). Be sure to take a look during your next visit to the Big House.

Also featured on the Wall of Fame are the names of the nearly 300 Michigan high schools whose contributions, along with those of our more than 2,000 members, played an important part in making the Wall of Fame possible.