Strength and Conditioning Staff Practicing What They Preach

April 1, 2010

By Brent Kwiatkowski, Graduate Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach

Video of Performance

This past Saturday (March 27), the University of Michigan's Olympic sports strength and conditioning staff practiced what it preaches by competing in the Spartan Open Olympic weightlifting meet, a USA Weightlifting sanctioned event in Lansing, Mich.

Those competing were assistant strength & conditioning coach Bo Sandoval, graduate assistant Lew Porchiazzo and incoming graduate assistant Colin Burns, along with current student-athlete Jake Ceccarelli (cheerleading).

Months of preparation -- two-a- days, early mornings, late nights, grueling sets of 10, 5 for 5's, heavy triples, doubles, countless personal records, extreme highs and tough lows -- all culminated in a very successful showing with the boys from Michigan earning top honors at the meet.

The Olympic weightlifting movements include the snatch and clean and jerk, and their variations. Research shows that these movements, when taught and executed properly, elicit significant strength gains and have an unequaled ability to increase an athlete's ability to produce force rapidly, thus enhancing overall power output.

With all of our Olympic sport athletes utilizing the Olympic weightlifting movements in their strength training programs, we take a great deal of pride and place a heavy emphasis on establishing proper form and technique. This focus on proper execution along with research-based program design and goal-oriented training programs ensures that our athletes perform at the top of their abilities.

The Spartan Open was the perfect platform to demonstrate our ability to not only perform the lifts properly but execute a training program with a specific emphasis of peaking for competition. This was the first Olympic weightlifting competition for our strength and conditioning coaches.

Meet Results (in kilograms):

AthleteWt ClassSnatchClean & JerkTotalPlace
Lew Porchiazzo85 Kg90, 95, 100122, 127, 1322223rd
Jake Ceccarelli85 Kg110, 110, 115130, 133, 1362462nd
Bo Sandoval94 Kg95, 100, 105115, 120, 1252202nd
Colin Burns94 Kg125, 130, 136145, 152, 1582941st
red denotes missed lift