History of Michigan Men's Basketball Infractions Case

May 8, 2013
Ten-Year Dissociation Period Ends

One of the NCAA sanctions was Michigan's dissociation for 10 years from the four athletes identified: Louis Bullock, Maurice Taylor, Robert Traylor and Chris Webber. That period ended May 8, 2013. Traylor died May 11, 2011.

September 25, 2003
NCAA Infractions Appeals Committee Announcement

The NCAA Division I Infractions Appeals Committee reversed the imposition of an additional one-year ban on postseason competition against the Michigan men's basketball program for 2003-04.

U-M Press Release and Comments (9/25/03)
Comments from U-M Players (9/25/03)
NCAA Release Get Acrobat Reader (9/25/03)
NCAA Infractions Appeals Committee Report Get Acrobat Reader (9/25/03)

May 8, 2003
NCAA Infractions Committee Announcement

In addition to U-M's self-imposed sanctions from November 2002, the NCAA imposed the following penalties: (1) Public censure and reprimand; (2) U-M placed on probation for four years (Nov. 7, 2002 to Nov. 6, 2006); (3) No postseason competition for men's basketball program in 2003-04; (4) A reduction of one men's basketball scholarship (from 13 to 12) for four seasons (2004-05 to 2007-08); (5) Dissociation for 10 years from the four athletes identified. U-M plans to appeal the one-year postseason ban.

NCAA Release Get Acrobat Reader (5/8/03)
NCAA Infractions Report Get Acrobat Reader (5/8/03)

U-M Responds to NCAA Decision Get Acrobat Reader (5/8/03)
Press Conference Comments from President Mary Sue Coleman (5/8/03)
Press Conference Comments from Athletics Director Bill Martin (5/8/03)
Comments from Men's Basketball Coach Tommy Amaker (5/8/03)
Comments from U-M Players (5/8/03)
Comments from General Counsel Marvin Krislov (5/8/03)

November 7, 2002
U-M Announces End of Ed Martin Investigation, Self-Imposes Sanctions

Self-imposed sanctions included: (1) Forfeiting all games won while four players were ineligible; (2) Repaying to the NCAA about $450,000 U-M received for postseason play with those ineligible players; (3) Declaring the men's basketball team ineligible to participate in the 2003 NCAA and NIT tournaments; (4) Placing the men's basketball program on probation for two years.

University of Michigan Release (11/7/02)
• Statement by President Mary Sue Coleman (11/7/02)
• Statement by Athletics Director Bill Martin (11/7/02)
Press Conference Comments (11/7/02)
Player Comments (11/8/02)

March-May 2002
Ed Martin Arrested, Later Plea Bargains

U-M Statements Regarding Ed Martin Incident Get Acrobat Reader (3/21/02)
Athletics Director Bill Martin Comments on Ed Martin Situation Get Acrobat Reader (3/25/02)
Athletics Director Bill Martin Editorial for Michigan Daily Get Acrobat Reader (3/28/02)
Bill Martin Statement Regarding Ed Martin Plea Bargain Get Acrobat Reader (5/28/02)

April-May 1999
Federal Agents Raid Ed Martin's Home, Find Items Linked to Former U-M Players

Tom Goss Statement Regarding May 13 Detroit Free Press Story (5/13/99)

October 1997
U-M Announces Findings of Men's Basketball Investigation

Michigan Announces Men's Basketball Findings (10/9/97)
Comments from President Bollinger and Athletics Director Goss (10/9/97)
Goss Statement: Fisher Out as U-M Coach (10/11/97)

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