2012-13 U-M Student Men's Basketball Ticket Policies

ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible to order and maintain a Michigan basketball season ticket, you must intend to register for classes for the entire Fall 2012 term and Winter 2013 term.

PROOF OF ELIGIBILITY: The Ticket Office will check your registration status with the Registrar's Office. If you are not properly registered prior to the beginning of the basketball season, your season ticket will be held until you provide us with proof of such registration. If you are not properly registered after the season begins, the Ticket Office will deactivate the bar code on your season tickets for the remaining games and no refund will be issued.

ORDERING: Students who did not previously order a basketball season ticket will be able to order beginning Monday, Sept. 10, 2012. The deadline to order is Friday, Sept. 14, at 5 p.m. Student season basketball tickets are $150.

SEATING: New this year is the fact that your Michigan basketball tickets will be on your MCards vs. using a ticket voucher. This change to the MCard was made to make it more convenient for you. Just show up to the games where you will swipe your MCard and ticket takers will give you a ticket voucher for a student section seat that will continue to be first-come, first-serve seating in the student sections in the following priority: 1) bleachers, 2) section 130 adjacent to the pep band, 3) upper level seats. You must immediately enter Crisler Center after receiving your ticket. Therefore, those students who arrive the earliest (doors open 60 minutes prior totipoff) for each game will earn the right to sit in the bleachers.

DEADLINE: The deadline to order is Friday, Sept. 14, at 5 p.m.

BREAK GAMES: Student season-ticket holders may buy single-game tickets in the bleachers for the student break games. Details will be announced via email in early November.

DISABILITY: The Athletic Department encourages persons with disabilities to attend Michigan basketball games. If you need to purchase a wheelchair accessible season ticket or have questions about the physical access provided, please call the Ticket Office at (866) 296-6849 (MTIX) prior to ordering tickets or attending a game.

NON-STUDENT USE: With the tickets on your MCard, you can now easily and electronically transfer your tickets to someone else if you are unable to make a game. Use of the ticket is free for other U-M students (MCard student ID must be presented with ticket at game), and if you transfer your ticket to a non-student they must pay a validation fee at Crisler to gain admittance ($20 fee for conference games and $10 fee for non-conference games). Transferred tickets will be emailed to the recipient as a pdf Print at Home ticket. Transfer instructions will be sent to you in late September.

H.A.I.L: Learn about our new student loyalty program where you can get rewarded for attending Athletic events, including men's basketball. [ MGoBlue.com/Hail ]

SCALPING: Scalping (selling a ticket above face value) violates University policy and Michigan law. Attempting to sell or solicit the sale of a ticket (even at face value) on campus without a permit also violates University policy. Therefore, a violation of these University policies or this Michigan law may result in your ineligibility to purchase tickets in the future even if criminal charges are not filed against you. The Athletic Department reserves the right to declare you ineligible to order tickets if it receives sufficient evidence that a ticket assigned to you was sold or was offered for sale at greater than the face value of the ticket.

NSF CHECKS: Returned checks will be assessed a $30.00 fee. If you do not honor your returned check promptly, your ticket order will be canceled. You will be responsible for the $30 fee before you may purchase tickets to any Michigan sporting event.

REFUNDS: If you apply for a season ticket and later decide not to enroll for the Fall 2012 term, you may receive a full refund provided you send a written request to the Ticket Office prior to November 1, 2012. No phone requests will be accepted. Additionally, there will be no refunds for students whose season tickets have been voided because the student is not properly registered.

MISCELLANEOUS: Only tickets purchased directly from the Ticket Office are guaranteed to be valid. Individuals admitted with invalid tickets will be ejected. Everyone must have a ticket regardless of age. The Ticket Office assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen or destroyed tickets, or tickets mailed from locations other than the Ticket Office.