Michigan Stadium Guide for Guests with a Disability

Updated for 2016 Season

The University of Michigan has established these policies and procedures in an effort to ensure that our guests with a disability enjoy their game day experience at Michigan Stadium. If you have any questions about these policies and procedures, please see the nearest Michigan Stadium Event Team Member. Also, if you have any post game day input, please email us at guestservices@umich.edu.

Parking/Courtesy Shuttle Service

Parking for guests with mobility impairments is available in the following lots: Blue (permit only), Champions North (permit only) and Green. A limited number of (cash only) single-game parking passes for persons needing accessible parking will be available in the Green Lot on game day on a first-come, first-serve basis. All parking for persons with disabilities requires a State-Issued Disability Parking Placard or license plate.

The University of Michigan provides complimentary shuttle service, which includes a limited number of wheelchair accessible shuttles, for guests with a disability to and from several parking lots and Michigan Stadium. The shuttles are available both before and after home football games. Specific information and schedules are available on the Courtesy Shuttle Service Schedule. For more information, please contact the nearest Michigan Stadium Event Team Member for information.

Additionally, the Football Ride shuttle service via the AATA (Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority) has wheelchair accessible buses. Please visit MyFootballRide.org or call 734-973-6500 for more information.

Drop-Off Locations

Guests needing to be dropped off and picked up at Michigan Stadium may do so at Gate 2 (Varsity Plaza) and at the Hoover Street Entry to the Buffalo Lot. Wheelchair accessible shuttles are available to/from the Buffalo Lot Drop-Off Location. Please see the Courtesy Shuttle Service Schedule for more information.


Entry Gates 2 (Varsity Plaza), 4 (Champions Plaza) and 8 (Wolverine Plaza) are ADA accessible entrances into Michigan Stadium. In addition, guests with a disability may use the Premium Seat Entrances to access the stadium and elevators to the different concourses of the stadium. The east side entry is located at the Jack Roth Stadium Club entrance off the Blue Lot Parking Area (just north of Gate 1 and the football tunnel). The west side entries, located off of Main Street, are in the Ross Tower lobby (northwest tower) just south of Gate 8, and the Levine Tower lobby (southwest tower) just north of Gate 4.


Michigan Stadium elevators may be used by guests with a disability to access the different areas of the stadium. Please see the Football Game Day Map for locations of these elevator lobbies.

Accessible Routes

The Football Game Day Map identifies accessible pathways into the stadium from parking areas; to accessible seating areas inside the stadium from gates, and to accessible restrooms. If guests need assistance to/from different areas, please contact the nearest Event Team Member for help.

Will Call

The Public Will Call ticket window is located inside the Northeast Entry (Main Entrance) of Crisler Center off the Blue Lot and opens two-and-a-half hours prior to kickoff. The accessible Student Will Call ticket window may be reached by entering Gate 8 (Wolverine Plaza) of Michigan Stadium, where guests will then be escorted to the Guest Services location inside the stadium. The Student Will Call Window opens two-and-a-half hours before kickoff. Both Will Call windows remain open until the start of the third quarter.

Assisted Listening Devices (Gate 9)

Assisted Listening Devices (ALDs) are available for loan at no charge in the Guest Services Building at Gate 9 (north end of the stadium). A driver's license, credit card or some other acceptable form of picture identification is required as a deposit. ALDs must be returned within 45 minutes of the end of the game.

Restrooms (Section 14, 24, 32)

All restrooms at Michigan Stadium are accessible with the exception of lower level restrooms at Section 14, Section 24 and Section 32.


Accessible (wheelchair) seating is indicated on the Football Game Day Map as the light blue highlighted areas. The following ticketing/seating policies and procedures will be in place for persons with a disability:

  • Persons with a disability who are in a wheelchair will be entitled to one wheelchair and up to three (3) companion tickets per game, consistent with the normal ticket policies. View the Wheelchair Accessible Ticket Policy.
  • If wheelchair accessible seating is needed, whether the bench tickets were purchased from the ticket office or otherwise acquired, a person must provide their tickets for exchange to the Athletic Ticket Office as soon as possible to the Athletic Ticket Office during regular business hours to ensure a wheelchair accessible seat with a companion seat is available. Guests with disabilities may also exchange tickets at Crisler Center (Northeast Entry off the Blue Lot) on game day beginning two-and-a-half hours prior to the game. Subject to availability, the ticket office will provide such tickets in a comparable Preferred Seat Donation tier to the original bench tickets. Ticket exchanges are handled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

    Likewise, a person who has ticket(s) in wheelchair accessible seating and transfers them to a patron who does not need such seating must provide their tickets as soon as possible to the Athletic Ticket Office during regular business hours or on game day to exchange their tickets for bench seating in a comparable Preferred Seat Donation tier to the original wheelchair accessible tickets.
  • No season ticket or individual game ticket will be sold or exchanged to customers without disabilities (other than non-disabled companions of guests who use wheelchairs) in any wheelchair seating location or companion seat. Persons who purchase (season or individual tickets) or exchange tickets in the wheelchair accessible section will be required to verify the need for a wheelchair accessible seating location.
  • Wheelchair users will be entitled to the same access to the individual ticket sales process as customers without disabilities. If you desire to purchase season tickets located in the wheelchair accessible and companion seating, please contact the Michigan Athletic Ticket Office at 1-866-296-6849 or mtickets@umich.edu.

Wheelchair Check-Out on Game Day

For the convenience of guests with disabilities, wheelchairs are available to check-out at the Guest Services & Assistance for Persons with Disabilities Tent, located on the south end of Michigan Stadium. While at the stadium, guests can request a wheelchair at any gate by talking with a Michigan Stadium Event Team Member. A Wheelchair Attendant will deliver a wheelchair to a specified location and transport the guest to their section. For security purposes, guests will need to provide a name, address, phone number, State Identification Number, guest seat and section number in order to use the wheelchair during the game. There is no cost for the Wheelchair Check-Out or any of the services provided by the University of Michigan Home Care Services. Wheelchair Attendants will arrange times with their guest for the wheelchair pickup (usually five minutes remaining in the fourth quarter), and ensure the guest is taken to their desired exit gate or obtain a shuttle ride for the guest.

For any other questions regarding your gameday experience, please call 734-647-9760 or send an email to guestservices@umich.edu prior to game day. For questions regarding the availability of tickets, please call the Michigan Ticket Office at 734-764-0247.

ADA Coordinator

The University of Michigan welcomes your comments and concerns regarding the accessibility of our campus for persons with disabilities. Please feel free to contact the University's ADA Coordinator with your comments by calling (734) 763-0235; emailing institutional.equity@umich.edu; or completing the accessibility concerns form at http://www.hr.umich.edu/ability/report.html.