U-M Athletics Announces Sustainability Initiative on MGoBlue.com

June 14, 2013

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- The University of Michigan Athletic Department launched its sustainability web page on Friday (June 14) -- MGoBlue.com/sustainability -- furthering the department's strategic initiative to 'Think Planet Blue and Engage in Sustainable Practices.'

In fall 2012, Michigan Athletics created a sustainability committee, led by associate athletic director of facilities and operations Rob Rademacher and facilities manager Paul Dunlop. The mission of the committee is to develop a strategic sustainability plan that outlines Michigan Athletics' commitment to environmental stewardship and living Planet Blue.

"Our Sustainability Committee has worked diligently to develop a robust plan and has made significant progress toward reducing our impact on the environment," said Dunlop, chair of the U-M Athletic Department Sustainability Committee. "A lot of work is happening behind the scenes to improve recycling, waste reduction, energy efficiency, sustainable land management, and the environmental impact of our facilities. We recognize there is a lot more work to do and look forward to contributing to the overall campus goals for sustainability."

In partnership with U-M's Office of Campus Sustainability and Michigan Student-Athletes for Sustainability (M-SAS), a strategy was developed for reducing the impact on the environment and establishing multiple sustainability goals. Continually adapting and promoting sustainable practices, Michigan Athletics hopes to create a culture of environmental stewardship by focusing on four key areas: waste reduction and recycling; energy efficiency and sustainable building infrastructure; water conservation, chemical usage and sustainable cleaning practices; and education and awareness.

To understand the importance and process of practicing sustainability, educating the fan base, athletics community, student-athletes and athletic department team members is critical. MGoBlue.com/sustainability is the beginning of that education.

"This web site is a great opportunity to communicate our progress and commitment to environmental stewardship," Dunlop said. "We hope it encourages our student-athletes, coaches, team members and fans to be active participants in sustainability and thinking Planet Blue."

The Michigan Athletics sustainability committee is comprised of department team members from facilities, construction project management, maintenance, event management, information technology, public and media relations, as well as M-SAS, U-M School of Natural Resources and Environment representatives, and campus partners from the U-M Office of Campus Sustainability.

Sustainability on MGoBlue.com