Supporting Michigan Athletics

Aug 28, 2013

Dear fans,

Just like you, we are excited for the beginning of the football season just three days away...

But before launching into another season of Michigan Athletics, we felt it was important that you understand how your annual support is critical in helping our student-athletes achieve their aspirations both on and off the field.

We realize it isn't always easy to see how a place with so many undeniable resources could possibly need financial support. Our hope is that by showing you our business model and demonstrating the formula that allows us to compete at the national level you will see just how appreciative we are of your commitment to our program. As we continue to grow and create opportunities to stay at the top of the competitive landscape both academically and athletically, we will rely on donors just like you. In return and thanks to your unwavering dedication, we hope you enjoy watching our young men and women succeed knowing you helped make their dreams possible.

Every time a student-athlete steps onto the practice field, your gift matters.

Every time they meet with their academic counselor, you're making that happen.

And every time they are out in the community having new experiences, learning new things about themselves and the world around them, your gift is at work.

We hope the video below helps inform you about our funding model here at Michigan Athletics and more importantly reminds you of the critical role you play in helping make all of this possible for our student athletes to compete at the highest level!

Thank you and Go Blue!

David A. Brandon
The Donald R. Shepherd Director of Athletics
Chrissi Rawak
Senior Associate Athletic Director, Athletic Development

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