Basketball Seating Plan

Michigan Basketball Seating Plan

Michigan Basketball has entered an exciting new phase with the introduction of Crisler Center and enhancements to the arena that continue following the 2011-12 season. With the improved game-day atmosphere, now is the ideal time to re-align the seating configuration. The Michigan Basketball Seating Plan offers additional premium seating options with a variety of amenities. It also ensures that Michigan Basketball supporters are able to enjoy seats consistent with their overall level of investment in Michigan Athletics.

This page includes the Michigan Basketball Seating Plan brochure, an explanation of the seating plan, how the Priority Points Program determines seating options, deadlines for 2012-13 season ticket requests, premium seating options and their amenities, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Key Dates and Action
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March 15, 2012
May 2012
May 20, 2012
June 4, 2012
July 9-20, 2012
September 2012
October 2012
November 2012
January 2013
Timeline Bottom

In recognition of your patience through Crisler Center reconstruction and to ease the transition to a Preferred Seat Donation (PSD) process, only HALF of each seat's PSD is due the first year for 2012-13.

As a reminder, parking will be reassigned for the 2012-13 season. Details will be included later this summer.

Select Your Seats

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How-To Guide
How-To Guide: Seat Selection Process and Policies: To select your seats online, follow the instructions and read the seating plan policies in the guide.
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Seating Plan Brochure
For complete information about the Michigan Basketball Seating Plan, browse the brochure.
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PSD Balance Due Form
Are you ready to reserve your seats at Crisler Center for 2012-13? Send in your PSD Balance Due Form (if applicable) by June 4, 2012.
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Seating Chart
Review the preferred seat donation (PDF) tiers on the 2012-13 seating chart.
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Priority Points
The Michigan Athletics Priority Point Program is a comprehensive measure of your overall support of the University of Michigan and the Athletic Department.
» Click here for more information, including how points are earned and calculated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Michigan Athletics making this change?
The reasons for change are straightforward: to provide an improved game-day experience, to reward loyalty and to acknowledge your overall investment in Michigan Athletics.

The primary intent of the new Michigan Basketball Seating Plan is to re-align our seating configuration. By utilizing the Priority Point System, which rewards donors to Michigan Athletics for their overall commitment, we can equitably allocate seating based on loyalty and participation.

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Will I be able to retain my old seat location?
To allocate seating assignments, no donors or season ticket holders are guaranteed that they will be able to retain their old seat location. The new plan, utilizing the Priority Point Program, encourages transparency and opens the seat assignment process up to a self-selection of seats by the donors and season ticket holders themselves.
How do I know where I will sit?
All donors and season ticket holders who returned their Preferred Seat Donation Interest by March 15th will receive a mailing by May 15th with their seat selection date and time.

During the month of July, season ticket holders will be able to select their own seats. By using our new online software for the seat selection, season ticket holders can monitor the availability of seats during the process, and choose their own seats based on their tier and appointment time.
What are you doing for long time season ticket-holders?
As a thank you to our Michigan Basketball season ticket-holders, we are pleased to provide a one-time loyalty reward bonus for past season ticket purchases to be counted exclusively for this seating plan. These bonus points are in addition to the ticket loyalty point per year of purchase addressed in our Priority Point Program.

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What happens if I want my season tickets aligned with a group of my friends?
If two or more people who are assigned the same tier wish to choose seats together to guarantee adjoining seats, the selection date and time will be based upon the donor with the lower priority point total. For example, if a donor with 400 points wants to choose seats with a donor who has 150 points, their selection time will be based upon the donor with 150 points.

To utilize this group seating option, the donor with the higher point total must email by July 2 to let us know they would like to adjust their appointment time to a later date.
Is there a limit on the number of tickets I can request?
The limit on the number of tickets you can request is 8.
How do I find out my priority point total?
To find your priority point total, log on to and click "Manage your online ticket account." In the new window, click "Sign In." After signing in, click "My Account" and then select "My Priority Points."
Who do I contact with questions?
You can contact The Victors Club, the annual giving program for Michigan Athletics Development. You can call 734.764.7131 or email
Why am I only getting consecutive years of season ticket purchases since 1992-93?
The first season of electronic record keeping was 1992-93, so all season ticket-holders in all Michigan sports can only receive priority points for consecutive season ticket purchases dating back to that year.
Will I be able to select new seats again next year?
The Michigan Basketball Seating Plan is for the 2012-13 season. We have not made any plans to go through a reseating process after this season. We will base any future re-seating on priority points as we recognize our donors and season ticket-holders for their continuing support of Michigan Athletics.
What happens if I miss my seat selection time?
This summer, before your seat selection time we will provide you with numerous ways to select your seats if you are unable to do so online at the time of your appointment. Please check this page as we will provide updates on the seat selection process over the next few months.
What rows do the PSD tiers separate in the lower and upper bowl?
The lower bowl PSD tiers of the $100 and $200 level are separated between rows 15 and 16 on the Seating Chart map.

The upper bowl PSD tier of $200 and the non-PSD tier is separated between rows 30 and 31 on the Seating Chart map.

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When will I find out my seat selection time?
We will mail your seat selection date, time and tier in May once we receive your PSD Deposit and interest form. Detailed instructions regarding the seat selection process will be included in the May mailing.
How did you decide what sections will have a PSD?
Michigan Athletics researched peer institutions across the country to see the best practices of re-seating basketball arenas and implementing seating donations. We determined the PSD amounts and tiers after weighing a number of options.
Will I be able to renew these seats every year?
You will have the opportunity to renew these seats by making your Preferred Seat Donation and paying for your season tickets every year before the appropriate deadlines. As we have communicated with this re-seating, we will provide information well in advance of any and all potential future re-seatings.
Is food included in the Club Section?
Food is not included in the cost of your Preferred Seat Donation for the Club Section. There will be exclusive dining and concessions in the Club Section with an array of menu options. The private Club area is scheduled to be available in February of 2013. Club seats will be ready for the first game.
Do children and infants need to have a ticket?
Yes, every person regardless of age must have a ticket.
What are the options for handicapped seating?
A number of ADA accessible seats have been added to the arena and are available at all PSD tiers. Please indicate on your interest form that you require ADA accessible seats.
What are the ticket prices going to be for the 2012-13 season?
We have not yet set the ticket prices for next season. We are expecting there to be a slight increase in the ticket price that we will announce this summer.
What happens if I want to downgrade to another tier when it is my turn to choose seats?
If you are not satisfied with the options available when it is your turn to choose, then you should still select seats from what is available. You will not be able to downgrade into another tier unless there is availability -- and at that time you would move to the end of the line into the tier that has availability. You can contact a Michigan Athletics representative for further information.
When is the deadline to increase my priority point total?
March 15 is the deadline to increase your priority point total through donations to Michigan Athletics.
Where does my point total compare to other basketball season ticket holders?
As of November 1, this chart provides an estimate of how your point total compares to other basketball season ticket holders.

Basketball Season Ticket Holder Priority Point Rankings

Ranking Total Points
25 2800
50 1600
100 900
150 700
250 500
500 275
600 200
800 150
1000 100
1500 65
1750 20
2000 2
Why does it take more points to get into the Blue Tier than the Valiant Tier?
Many people wanted to guarantee themselves lower bowl seats so they chose Blue over Valiant even though they may have had enough points to qualify for the Valiant tier. Additionally, many of those people who requested Club or Victors seats that did not have enough points to qualify for those tiers were moved to the tier they qualified for -- which ended up being the Valiant tier.
How many points are you predicting it will take to sit in the lower section of the Valiant tier?
If every season ticket holder who was assigned the Valiant tier picked lower level seats, then it would take approximately 115 points to be in the lower Valiant section.
When does the first person in my tier start selecting seats?
Club: July 9th - 9:00 AM
Victors: July 9th - 12:00 PM
Valiant: July 10th - 1:30 PM
Blue: July 17th - 9:00 AM
No PSD Tier:      July 18th - 9:00 AM
What if I have technical difficulties?
You can call 734.764.2050 to speak to a Michigan Athletics Representative to help you select your seats over the phone or to get help selecting your seats online.
What do I do if I can't select my seats at my assigned appointment time?
If you are unable to make your appointment time in July, you have the following options:

• You can appoint a proxy to select your seats for you. Provide your customer number and pin number to your proxy, along with your appointment time, so they can pick your seats online based upon your preferences.

• You can email your seating preferences to before July 2 to have a Michigan Athletics representative select your seats for you based upon your preferences.