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H.A.I.L. (Honoring Attendance, Involvement and Loyalty) is a free program for all currently enrolled University of Michigan students. The program is designed to reward students for attending Michigan Athletics events. Earn points for every event you attend and redeem prizes from the Prize Store. To get started simply download the free mobile app on your iPhone or Android device.

You MUST fill out your profile completely including UMID to be eligible for rewards.

What's New

The Prize Store:
The Prize Store offers students the opportunity to convert their loyalty points into prizes. We will be offering different prizes throughout the year, so be sure to check-in periodically. Note: Using your points in the Prize Store does not subtract your points in the leaderboard.

Social Bonus:
Earn a bonus point after you check-in at an event by tweeting it out. The tweet must be sent directly through the H.A.I.L. app to earn the bonus point.

Ticket Community:
Buy, Sell, and Transfer Michigan Football, Men's Basketball, and Hockey tickets right from your phone! This feature allows students to post unused tickets, search for tickets by events, and chat about making transfers all from their H.A.I.L. app.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I spend points in the Prize Store, does it affect my standings in the leaderboard?
No. You will see how many points you have available to spend when you are in the Prize Store module, and points will be subtracted from that total as you redeem prizes. Points will not be subtracted from your total in the Leaderboard.

Do I have to be a U-M student to participate?
Yes. In order to be eligible for rewards all participants must fully complete their H.A.I.L. mobile app account profile with a valid UMID number.

Do I have to have a smart phone in order to participate?
No. At every home Michigan Athletics event there will be a H.A.I.L check-in station equipped with iPads that any student can use to "check-in" and earn points.

I don't get service at Michigan Stadium. How can I get my points for attending football games?
All football attendance points will be awarded based on ticket scans. All you have to do is scan your ticket at the gate when you enter Michigan Stadium and your points will automatically be added to your account the following week.

How do I "check-in" to events?
Open the H.A.I.L. mobile app, choose the event you're attending and tap "Check in to this Event" OR visit the H.A.I.L. station and follow the same steps on one of Michigan Athletics provided iPads.