University of Michigan 
                 Silverston Invitational 2013 - 2/16/2013                 
               Hosted by Univ of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI                
                         Michigan Indoor Facility                         
Event 6  Men Long Jump
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Brumfield, Ryan              Eastern Michigan         6.73m   22-01.00
      6.25m  6.54m  6.56m  6.73m  6.65m  6.70m                            
  2 Ijah, Solomon                Eastern Michigan         6.68m   21-11.00
      FOUL  6.28m  6.56m  6.53m  6.68m  6.33m                             
  3 Selvig, Levi                 Eastern Michigan         6.00m   19-08.25
      5.92m  FOUL  5.96m  6.00m  5.39m  FOUL                              
  4 Johnson, Hurie               Unattached               5.82m   19-01.25
      FOUL  5.82m  5.78m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL