Michigan Photo Store Announces Heirloom Prints and 2011 Kickoff Discount

Aug. 26, 2011

The Michigan Photo Store announced the first prints in a new "Heirloom Series," autographed prints from the Michigan Photo Store Special Edition collection, as well as iconic and historical moments signed by the people that made them special. The Heirloom Print series represent a rare opportunity to own a piece of Michigan history.

The first prints in the Heirloom Print series include:

  • Special Edition of the Michigan Stadium rededication flyover, 20x30 print autographed by Head Coach Brady Hoke
  • Special Edition 20x60 panoramic print of "The Big Chill at the Big House" autographed by the men's hockey team
  • NCAA basketball tournament announcement celebration, 20x30 print autographed by the men's basketball team
  • Special Edition of the "Big Chill at the Big House" B-2 stealth bomber flyover, 20x30 print autographed by the pilots.


Start the new season with a discount on purchases from the Michigan Photo Store. Use the discount code KICKOFF11 to save 11% on any print, framed or unframed, ordered before the kickoff of the season opener against Western Michigan on September 3, 2011. Browse your favorite Michigan sports and visit the Top Picks gallery for great gift ideas.

The Michigan Photo Store offers the best in Wolverine sports imagery, from exciting game action to remarkable images of key moments in Michigan's athletic history. Launched in 2009, the Michigan Photo Store has quickly grown into a comprehensive resource for current Michigan athletic photos with access to its past. Share your favorite photos through social networks and even embed Michigan Photo Store images and slideshows in your blog and on your web page. Contact the Michigan Photo Store for more information.

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