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Performance Nutrition

The Performance Nutrition program at Michigan provides an evidence-based and sport-specific approach to fueling student-athletes for optimal health and performance. Our program offers a daily performance breakfast, team fueling stations for pre- and post-workout, team meals for at home and on the road, and performance lab screening as well as both team-based and individualized sports nutrition education. Our performance dietitians work closely with coaches, strength & conditioning, athletic training, team physicians and performance psychology as part of a comprehensive performance team to ensure the health and welfare of all Michigan student-athletes.

Performance Nutrition Goals

  • Fuel strength, power and endurance for optimal performance
  • Meet sport-specific energy, nutrient and hydration requirements
  • Enhance adaptation and recovery between training sessions and competitions
  • Provide individualized nutrition recommendations
  • Educate about the safe and legal use of supplements
  • Reduce risk of illness and injury
  • Achieve and maintain optimal health
  • Development of healthy eating habits for a lifetime

Nutrition is a key component in maximizing athletic performance and overall health. A well-designed nutrition program gives athletes a performance edge.

Performance Nutrition graphic

Performance Nutrition Services

Nutrition Goal Setting

  • One-on-one consults personalized to your position and training phase
  • Emphasis on nutrient timing and recovery strategies

Team Education

  • Topics include fueling, hydration, sleep, and more
  • Cooking demos
  • Supermarket tours

Competition Nutrition

  • Pre- and postgame meals at home and on the road
  • Game-time fueling and hydration

AM Fueling

  • Offers a variety of whole grains, lean protein, healthy fats, and colorful fruits

Team Meals

  • Pre- and post-training fuel
  • Allows you to build a performance plate

Fueling Stations

  • Bridge the gap between meals and practices
  • Pre- and post-training fueling and hydration

Supplement Evaluation

  • Ensure compliance with NCAA regulations
  • Submit products at preseason physicals and ongoing throughout the year
  • Educate on supplement effectiveness and safety

Body Composition Assessment

  • BOD POD and skinfold measurements
  • Set personalized goals and track changes

Michigan Performance Nutrition

Performance Nutrition Staff

Caroline Mandel
  • Caroline Mandel MS, RD, CSSD
  • Director of Performance Nutrition
  • Phone: (734) 615-8637
Tiffany Ilten
  • Tiffany Ilten RD, LD
  • Performance Dietitian
  • Phone: (734) 615-1695
Zach Bennett
  • Zach Bennett MS, RD, LD, CSCS, CISSN
  • Performance Nutrition Fellow
  • Phone: (734) 615-1706

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