University of Michigan Trademarks and Licensing Program

The University of Michigan enjoys a rich heritage, national acclaim and a prestigious reputation as an outstanding public institution of higher education, research, public service and sports. The growth of the University, its alumni base, and the national attention received by its athletic programs have produced a strong demand for products that display the trademarks, logos, and symbols associated with the University. The University's Licensing Program was developed in response to this demand for UM merchandise.

Who will need a license?
Any manufacturer of products bearing the marks of the University must be licensed before offering the product for sale. All retail outlets are responsible for insuring that the merchandise they sell is licensed.

What products may be licensed?
The University has the authority to approve or disapprove any product submitted. No product using the University's marks may be produced without the approval of a representative of the University of Michigan Licensing Program.

Who is responsible for the University's Licensing Program?
On the University of Michigan campus, the person responsible for the Licensing Program is:

   Kristen Ablauf
   Director of Trademark Licensing
   University of Michigan
   1000 S. State Street
   Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2201
   Tel: (734) 763-4183
   Fax: (734) 764-3221

For information on how to become a licensee and produce University of Michigan merchandise, contact:

   The Collegiate Licensing Company
   290 Interstate North
   Suite 200
   Atlanta, GA 30339
   Tel: (770) 956-0520

What qualifies as a University of Michigan trademark?
A trademark is any name, word, symbol or device used to identify the goodwill and/or services of the University of Michigan. They include, but are not limited to artwork and/or graphic representations.

The Athletic Department was one of the first to establish a comprehensive licensing program of University logotypes in 1980 when both state and federal registrations were obtained on all pertinent designs and marks. The original purpose was to protect and control the use of all marks and to insure the image and integrity of the University would not be damaged. To this end, the Collegiate Licensing Company was hired to assist us in enforcing all licensing agreements and policing the national marketplace.

For additional information on the University's policies regarding trademark use, please visit