Brandon's Blog: Thank You to Our Fans
Michigan Stadium

Sept. 17, 2011

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One of the most important aspects of team sports is getting players to understand their roles on the team.Coaches then must produce agreement among their players. The bigger the team, the more difficult it is to produce consensus and achieve the goal.

The difference is -- if a large team develops a strategy, works together and then pulls it off, the result is much more rewarding.

That is what happened for 'Under the Lights.' It was massive undertaking and everyone who played a part in the game should be proud.

I have talked about our athletic department, our University of Michigan groups, the City of Ann Arbor, the ambassadors, the ushers, and all the police and ambulance services that came together to put on this wonderful event.

Yet the one group that really needs to be thanked is the fans -- and especially the U-M students who attended 'Under the Lights.'Without the wonderful response and the support you provided before, during and after the Michigan-Notre Dame game, this event wouldn't have created those memories so many of us have, as we still talk about the weekend.

On Saturday morning, I felt we were off to great start when the ESPN GameDay crowd showed a national TV audience how supportive we were of Desmond Howard and the entire GameDay crew. Then throughout the afternoon, the atmosphere continued to build with tailgates and parties.

Before and during the game, the excitement generated by the student section was outstanding. Even former Notre Dame football star Mike Golic, who was on the Notre Dame sideline for the game, praised the electric atmosphere at Michigan Stadium on his nationally syndicated Mike and Mike Radio Show.

After the game, when Denard Robinson came back on the field for the ESPN postgame interview with Chris Fowler, 80 percent of the general fan base and almost 100 percent of the student section were still celebrating in the stands -- and that was almost 30 minutes after the exciting ending.

This was an eventful night for Michigan football, the U-M and the City of Ann Arbor. It is a night we will talk about as we share stories of our great tradition years down the road.

The fans and especially our Michigan students should be especially proud of the role they played 'Under the Lights.'

The University of Michigan, the U-M Athletic Department and especially the Michigan football team would like to thank you for all you support each and every week.

Go Blue!

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