Brandon's Blog: No Need to Change College Football Bowl System

Nov. 17, 2010

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To begin his blog, Brandon tackles the debate about the college football bowl system vs. playoffs.

It seems like every year, someone believes our government needs to generate legislation for a playoff system in college football. (Like they don't have enough on their plate currently!!!)

Does college football really need a playoff? NO! I have always believed in the bowl system and the tradition of the game. Now as director of athletics at Michigan, I believe in the bowl system and the BCS more than ever.

We already have a playoff. It starts with the first game of the season and continues into January. Each game is important and has meaning, just as a playoff format develops. And this playoff season lasts four months plus!

Our own Wolverines aren't playing for the national championship this year, but the excitement generated about bowl possibilities during the season and especially after wins the last two weekends against Illinois and Purdue is special.

Every week, all associated with college football have a strong interest in the BCS standings and how the media sees the upcoming bowl picture.

I'm sure there are good arguments for changes in the system, but when you see the excitement of our football players in the locker room game after game and listen to the buzz of our fans ever Saturday, you can easily multiply that exponentially around the nation to get an idea of the excitement and sometimes "hysteria" that grips college football.

This is the drama I felt as a player here at Michigan, I felt that as a fan following our Wolverines, and I feel it now as director of athletics here at the University of Michigan. And I can't wait for each and every Saturday, and neither can the millions of fans who love Michigan Football! Let's not mess with something that works so well.

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